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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

I used to get chastised quite often for not being a huge Elton John fan. I know, I know - hard to believe. It wasn't as much that I dislike his music, as I just simply didn't know it. It's like Billy Joel - everytime I listen to something by him, I always find out there is another song I enjoy by him. Elton is the same way for me. I enjoy Elton. I just don't know and can't recite his works like many others can. I choose this album today because it's older, and it's his best selling at a delightful 7x Platinum. It's hard not to at the very least tap your toes to this record. It's pretty upbeat, pretty fun. Also pretty unique in terms of what else was being produced back in 1973. There really isn't anything wrong with this album. I can't critique anything negative. It's a little long, 17 tracks. But heck, I love that. I hate when artists drop 8 tracks albums. I don't groove on all the tracks here, but there are a solid number that I do. I can totally understand why this is his best selling and also why it's considered by Rolling Stone to be one of the best 100 albums of all time. Makes perfect sense. I love Elton's pure intensity on vocals. If James Brown was the hardest working man in the business, Elton couldn't have been too far behind. He seems like he poured his heart and soul into every recording and every performance he put on. He might still be that way to this day - I never paid the 900 dollars to see him and Billy perform together. Maybe when I'm rich. Regardless, check this out today. I think you'll like it, no matter what you groove on. Happy Thursday B Siders!

1. Funeral for a Friend (Love Lies Bleeding)
2. Candle in the Wind
3. Bennie and the Jets
4. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
5. This Song Has No Title
6. Grey Seal
7. Jamaica Jerk Off
8. I've Seen That Movie Too
9. Sweet Painted Lady
10. Ballad of Danny Bailey, The (1909-1934)
11. Dirty Little Girl
12. All the Girls Love Alice
13. Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock 'n Roll)
14. Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
15. Roy Rogers
16. Social Disease
17. Harmony

Listen To Samples

1. Bennie And The Jets
2. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
3. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

4 out of 5 stars


  1. You hit the nail on the head with this one. My mom has this album too. Going back to the album covers for just a second, I'd definitely say this makes my list as well.

    Like you, I can say that essentially I like every song on this album. However, Bennie and The Jets and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road are my favorites. I can remember hearing this album so much as a kid, I thought I would loose my mind. Happy to say I am very sane and being older I realize I like it more than I ever have.

    Good choice B :)

  2. This is a solid cover. Don't think I ever saw it before today.

    Great tracks. I really enjoy those two. Candle In The Wind would have been a close 4.


  3. Wow, I didn't know you would respond this quickly, but since you did I have a question for you. I saw on the list to the right B Side Exclusive: Jasmine V "All These Boys", I read it. Are you in the music business in any way?

  4. I try to respond right away. If I don't, I'll probably forget!

    Not whatsoever. This is just my personal blog, that for some reason around 150 people seem to click on every day. I know there are about 10 people who really enjoy it and provide tons of feedback. Those people are my heroes. I couldn't do it without people like you reading and posting.

    Epic Records contacted me a while back, said they like the blog. They've been dishing me exclusives here and there since.

  5. I like that. Nice.

    I don't know if I said this already but I'll say it anyway. Your blog is so dialed down, and simplistic. Easy to get to what I wanna read. No hoopla or distractions. I don't blame Epic for liking it, I LIKE IT. You talk about the MUSIC, and for me it don't get much better than that. Could you ever see yourself interviewing those in the music bizz or making a career out of this? Honestly, I think you'd be great at it.

  6. I'd like to. I think it'd be a really fun career. Problem is, I gotta pay the bills. I can't imagine jumping right into it and making any sort of big money. I do want to try to get picked up by a local paper or something - just a link to from their news site.

    We'll see how that goes though.