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Monday, October 25, 2010

Creed - Human Clay

I think a really long time ago - I mentioned that I enjoy a good Creed based album. Alter Bridge was one of my new faves when they started dropping albums around 2004. Creed was the origination of that band and Creed started making sweet tuneage in 1997. I think they came out at a perfect time. When '97s 'My Own Prison' record came out (my favorite by the way - they just don't link samples to that record) I think the US was teetering on being ready to move on from other alt rock style bands. When this album came out in 1999 - it was really ready to explore any new styles. You saw a huge shift in pop music as everyone started to open back up to hip hop with the emergence of Eminem and then Creed burst on to the scene selling tons of albums too. Human Clay is an astounding 11x platinum in the states. It's also sold over 5 million copies in the UK and Australia too. Truly a record that made everyone jam in unison. While Alter Bridge is still alive and kicking - Creed is too. They dropped their latest studio album 'Full Circle' earlier this year - and they promise to keep touring and making more music. I think had they not split up and gone 8 years between releases, Creed would still be a monster mega hit. It's not that their music is super different, but it's really good. Straight up in your face rock n roll. Like a Godsmack heaviness without the screaming lyrics or offensive lyrics. A few poppy songs mixed in is probably what caused this bad boy to sell so many copies. You should certainly toss this on today. It still isn't as good as 'My Own Prison' but it's right up there. Creed your way into Tuesday - you won't be disappointed.

1. Are You Ready?
2. What If
3. Beautiful
4. Say I
5. Wrong Way
6. Faceless Man
7. Never Die
8. With Arms Wide Open
9. Higher
10. Wash Away Those Years
11. Inside Us All

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. What If
2. Are You Ready
3. Faceless Man

3.75 out of 5 stars


  1. except that scott stapp is kind of a tool it seems, and you can only have so many songs that sound like... how to describe... 'inspirational rock.'

    my own prison had some good stuff on it though. "one" is a great song.

  2. Stapp is kind of a d bag. And he sweats WAY too much during a performance.

    After 'My Own Prison' they went downhill a little, and then really down hill after this one. Old Creed is good Creed.