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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle

In terms of straight up classic rock, Steve Miller Band is a fairly under appreciated band. I'll admit, it's hard for me not to be slightly biased toward ol' Stevie, as he's a good old Milwaukee boy like myself. But the fact is, the music these guys put out for the most part is pretty solid. This album is a pretty prime example, as it came out on 1976 and had bluesy elements, electronic keyboards and then straight up rock all in one. Blues was and still is a big part of music, electronics and synths didn't really hit it big until the 80's and then the rock never dies. They have a very laid back style, something that probably fits anyone's music desires. They've gone through more band members than you can shake a stick at. Steve Miller himself also had a pretty nasty car wreck just a few years before this album came out. At one point, there was serious doubt if they'd ever play again - but 30+ years after, they're still going strong. In fact, they dropped another album earlier in 2010 that was all r&b style covers. I haven't gotten to that one yet, so I'll refrain from commenting until another day. It's hard not to enjoy this album. I'll be the first to tell you that I've listened to Steve Miller so much in my life - that I go through phases where I can't bear to listen to another song by them. Even putting this on today, reminds me of my high school days where I'd pop the Greatest Hits album in over and over. Now, if you're not at that point - I think you'll really groove to this. And even if you're like me, you can still enjoy this one today. If not even the spacey blues, the comfort that you can listen to a rock band and not have any of your senses offended. Solid stuff. Happy Thursday B Siders!

1. Space Intro
2. Fly Like an Eagle
3. Wild Mountain Honey
4. Serenade
5. Dance, Dance, Dance
6. Mercury Blues
7. Take the Money and Run
8. Rock'n Me
9. You Send Me
10. Blue Odyssey
11. Sweet Maree
12. Window, The

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Rock'n Me
2. Fly Like An Eagle
3. Take The Money And Run

3.75 out of 5 stars


  1. i'm surprised you only gave this 3.75 stars. granted it doesn't have 'swingtown' on it so OBVIOUSLY it can't garner a 5, but 'wild mountain honey' brings it up to at least a 4.5.

  2. I'm still slightly soured on Steve Miller. I seriously listened to them WAY too much back in the day. 10 years hasn't been long enough to rekindle my love of them yet.

    Maybe some day...