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Thursday, November 18, 2010

3 Doors Down - The Better Life

I feel like at this stage of product cycle, everyone knows about 3 Doors Down. These Mississippi boys started making music around 1996 or so, and they were not even well known in their home town. When this album dropped in 2000, they pretty much blew up. It was the 11th best selling album of 2000. Which, I'm not sure what else came out that year, but that's pretty high praise. I mean, any time you can be in the top 15 in something - it's usually a good thing. Anyway, instant success pretty much. Part of the assistance in my opinion is the fact these guys are VERY hard working. They've been known to put on over 300 shows per year. Yeah, 300. That's nuts. Most bands will tour for maybe 6 months and take nights off between every show. I hope none of them actually have family - yikes. I really go through phases with this record. There are times when I can't stand to hear another track off of it, and then times where I actively listen to it. Especially when it came out, if I heard 'Kryptonite' - I wanted to cut my ears off. I still don't love that song, but now that I don't hear it 100 times per day, it's alright. There is no question this album has a lot going for it - it just may have been overplayed back in the day. Style wise, it's very rock. Nothing grandiose or anything, just straight up rock. Okay, maybe a little pop mixed in. 6 million copies means lots of people like it. Check it out today. Might make your day go by just a hair faster.

1. Kryptonite
2. Loser
3. Duck and Run
4. Not Enough
5. Be Like That
6. Life of My Own
7. Better Life
8. Down Poison
9. By My SideL
10. Smack
11. So I Need You

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Loser
2. Be Like That
3. Duck And Run

3.75 out of 5 stars


  1. 'duck and run' - one of my preferred songs. probably wouldn't make janis' top 50, but very good. i'm not a dedicated follower of this band but they have put out some solid stuff. 'loser' is another good one. 'kryptonite' is a solid song but i don't really care for it, after the 10th play or the 10 millionth.

    yeah 'duck and run' totally number one, 'loser' number two. your top three tracks are in the wrong order.

  2. don't you also feel that, although the bands came out around the same time and have toured together, 3 doors down somehow managed to avoid nickleback syndrome, where everything starts to sound the same after the second album and everyone is annoyed by them?

  3. I can't say I listen to 3DD today like I did back in 2002 - but I don't hate them like I now do Nickelback. So I guess all in all, not bad for them.

    All their stuff sounds the same though, which is why I don't listen much. Every 3DD album sounds like the first.