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Monday, November 15, 2010

Looper - Geometrid

I think I've mentioned before how odd it can be sometimes finding new music. Back around the 2000 timeframe - there were some DARE or anti drug ads on television that used this sick beat and crazy vocals. Back in 2000, I think for most people they were just turning to the internet for their music questions. You know, because most people were just getting high speed internet at that point. I'd have it for a couple years, so I remember immediately going to the computer and trying to find out what and who this was. Turns out, it was a band known as Looper that was comprised of two Scottish fellas. I can safely say that if I put this song on for someone in the car or something, they'll recognize it, but have no clue from where. If not the drug free ads, it's been used in multiples commercials, tv shows and movies. They had one other track, 'My Robot' that has seen some success too. Much lesser scale though. Anyhow, I picked this album up a long time ago - but for some reason don't listen to it very often. I think it's a solid 'mood' type record - mainly because it's so out there. It has some elements of rock, techno, blues, pop and flat out indie-ness. I was checking my iTunes and realized I hadn't shared this with you guys yet, and how selfish that had been. I'm not sure if you can find this at a store or not, it's pretty rare. lists this at a sickening 50 dollars for purchase. No cd is worth that much. But it's a fun listen. 'Mondo' is flat out amazing, and the rest all fit the part. This is certainly worth a go today - just so you can say you tried something new. Pass it along and Happy Monday!

1. Monder 77
2. On the Flipside
3. Modem Song
4. Uncle Ray
5. Puddle Monkey
6. These Things
7. Bug Rain
8. My Robot
9. Tomorrow's World
10. Money Hair

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Mondo 77
2. Tomorrows World
3. My Robot

3.5 out of 5 stars


  1. And a good Monday I'm having. Looper - Geometrid, never heard of them. Always up for something new to listen to though.

    I like the top three samples you listed. It's not a problem, but one thing I notice is that all the tracks have a similar sound to them. I mean, I know that's part of being distinct but seems like a few rearrangements could have been made. All in all I liked it.

  2. I think Mondo is a bit different than the others, but it's got the same electric standards behind it. It's a fun listen. Maybe not Top 10 material or anything, but a good mood listen.

    Thanks for checking it out!

  3. kinda way off subject but do you know how to mess with html and all that stuff?

  4. Not at all. If I knew more (which I hope to someday) then I think the blog would look a lot different. More ways to search, better ways to view things etc.


  5. me neither really.

    I know how to mess with little things here and there but nothin big

  6. Yeah, I messed around with the Suggestion Box...but that's about what I know.