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Monday, November 22, 2010

Faith No More - Real Thing

I honestly can't believe I haven't reviewed this band before. I was checking my records and sure enough, nothing. Shocking. Anyway, this band is kind of a tough one to figure out. They fall into that metal type genre, but they don't always. Back when I did my Top 5 music videos ever, one of them on my list was the video for 'Epic'. The fish flopping around by a refrigerator will forever haunt my childhood dreams. Crazy. Anyway, this came out WAY back in 1989. Can you believe that's over 20 years ago? Yikes, I'm getting old. Internal reflections aside, this is a very undervalued album. How this album is only platinum is a bit of a head scratcher. I mean, if you're a metal fan, you have to appreciate this to the point you bought it right? I'm not a huge metal enthusiast, but even I have it. It's that great. This has a laundry list of accolades to its credit - including Top 100 albums of all time. Very high praise. I mean, they covered War Pigs. Who doesn't love that song? I know I do. Anyway, this California based band started making tunes in 1981. They kept going until around 1998 when they took what they thought would be a permanent hiatus. They reformed just recently, and intend on going back on tour. Good news for metal fans - or FNM fans like me. Mike Patton's voice is something amazing. Very distinct, and very awesome. A track like Epic smacks you in the face with it's craziness - both lyrically and sound wise. Then the follow up 'Falling To Pieces' is maybe a little more conventional, but certainly not wholly metal. It's got an almost funky baseline to compliment the vocal. But then you get to track 4, and BAM! metal again. This album is crazy different and good. Please check it out today. I'm guessing you haven't heard it before, and you should. It's fun and great.

1. From Out Of Nowhere
2. Epic
3. Falling To Pieces
4. Surprise! You're Dead!
5. Zombie Eaters
6. The Real Thing
7. Underwater Love
8. The Morning After
9. Woodpecker From Mars
10. War Pigs
11. Edge Of The World

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Epic
2. Falling To Pieces
3. War Pigs

3.75 out of 5 stars

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