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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weezer - Death To False Metal

Uh, yeah. You read it right. It's Weezer. You're right - they did just put out an album titled 'Hurley' in September of this year. Yeah - you're also right in stating that album was a little odd, and maybe not to the standard of the color based records. Why are they putting out another one? Man, you ask a lot of questions. Well - it just so happens I have an answer. Rivers Cuomo talked about how they've had all these tracks that never quite made the cut over the years. Tracks they may have even been fairly excited about, but the record execs didn't feel as though they fit or were "too poppy", "too strange" or "too bland". These tracks are compiled literally spanning their whole musical careers. Some of these tracks are from the early '90s and some of them as recent as not making the Hurley cut. This is not considered a studio album, even though some sites are labeling it as such. This is a pure compilation record - and I don't think Weezer themselves know how it'll do from a sales standpoint. Mashes like this can be very hit and miss. Some die hards might immediately run out and pick this up - but some will be skeptical (like me) and wonder why I'd want to spend 10 bucks on a bunch of tracks that weren't good enough before, but now magically are. The one thing I think is cool about this, if you're a pretty big fan like me, you can tell what period tracks are from. Something about their style changed after the Green album that they only reverted back to the classic Blue style for during the Red album. Enough colors for you? But Ratitude, Hurley and Make Believe have this different sound - not even sure how to explain it. You can tell by the riffs and the overall sound. I have no idea which tracks were created and when, but I THINK I could guess. Maybe you could too. I don't think this is amazing, but it's kind of fun. Especially the Toni Braxton cover at the end. Worth a listen if you're a Weezer nut - otherwise focus on NERD today.

1. Turning Up the Radio
2. I Don't Want Your Loving
3. Blowin' My Stack
4. Losing My Mind
5. Everyone
6. I'm a Robot
7. Trampoline
8. Odd Couple
9. Autopilot
10. Unbreak My Heart

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Turning Up The Radio
2. Unbreak My Heart
3. Losing My Mind

3.5 out of 5 stars

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