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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Foo Fighters - Self Titled

Nothing like cleansing my Michael Jackson soured palette with some Foo. Going from bad situation to making something great out of a bad situation. When Cobain died, I think a lot of people thought the decline of the alternative movement was approaching. Little did they know the long haired, hippie looking drummer was going to break off and form something great. I reviewed 'Colour And Shape' months ago, to a very positive review. And 'Everlong' is one of my favorite tracks ever. They recorded an acoustic version I have and also really love. This was the original though. When this album dropped, no one really knew what to expect. The only song I'd heard when I bought it was 'I'll Stick Around' which is very heavy and almost metal-y. Not really what the rest of the album is about. They made a bigger name for themselves with the video for 'Big Me'. Yeah, the Mentos one. You all remember it, just think back. This dropped in 1995 and is single platinum - oddly enough, the same as every other Foo album put out in the states. Kind of crazy. For a band that everyone seems to enjoy at least a little bit, not huge sales. I watched a recent show from them in the UK - which I also think I've talked about this before, but their huge over there. I don't fully get it, but the Brits love Foo. Maybe I should move there, I'd fit right in. Anyhow, they still play the classics off this album and seen to really enjoy it. I can't blame the fans for wanting to hear this album live still, because it's really good. Top to bottom, probably my favorite. Doesn't have any single amazing tracks like Everlong, but solid overall. Highly encourage you to pick it up today. Remember your youth that was '95.

1. This Is a Call
2. I'll Stick Around
3. Big Me
4. Alone + Easy Target
5. Good Grief
6. Floaty
7. Weenie Beenie
8. Oh, George
9. For All the Cows
10. X-Static
11. Wattershed
12. Exhausted

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Big Me
2. Alone + Easy Target
3. I'll Stick Around

4 out of 5 stars


  1. you're so wrong. 'for all the cows' is the best song on this album. IT'S SO GOOD. it is one of my all time favorites. i'm going to stop my WMSE podcast and turn it on RIGHT NOW. it is my favorite foo fighters song. then followed by 'stacked actors' then a plethora of others, including 'i'll stick around' and 'this is a call.'

    and didn't dave grohl do this whole album, or most of it, before the foo fighters were fully formed? i think i remember reading that somewhere.

    and the video for 'big me' is good but i maintain it still is no 'learn to fly.' i should really acquire that one...

  2. plus, doesn't this cover art remind you of 'license to ill?' the two always remind me of each other, not sure why. maybe it's just the background color. the faded kind of look. maybe it's the crack talking again...

  3. I don't really dislike any track on this album. I do like 'em all. It was pretty tough doing a top 3 because of that. I do sing Big Me the most even when I'm not listening to the record, hence my number one spot.

    I believe Grohl wrote the whole thing, even recorded some tracks on his own before the band started. The rest was gravy.

    The cover does remind me a little of ill. I think this is simply one of those very simple yet awesome cover art pieces. That's why it's on display in my 'music room'.