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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cher - Heart Of Stone

Time to review this small artist - you've probably never heard of her. Cher? I'm a pronouncing that right? No, no, I kid. Everyone knows who Cher is. She was the amazing actress in that movie The Mask. And I guess she put out a couple records too. I will say right off the bat, I've never cared much for her music - but what she does on a personal front and stance, she does some great stuff. For those who don't know, she's a huge advocate for the LGBT community. Her daughter, Chastity (aka Chaz) first came out when she was 17. Cher at first didn't take it well, but to her credit, ended up really understanding and looking into the challenges she faces. Since then, has really stepped up for the gay community. Turns out Cher is also loaded. Her personal wealth is estimated at 600 million dollars. Wow. I'm kinda stunned by that. She's known for being very provocative, and a very secure woman. Kind of a pioneer in that regard. This particular album came out in 1989 and is a fairly low 3x platinum. Not at all a knock on her, but this album is very 80's. I'd expect to hear half of these songs in some sort of cheesy movie montage. Rocky could work out to half of them. I don't feel this album did anything new and seems pretty standard given the time. I think she's a less talented version of the band Heart, and possibly capitalized on their style and success. This music simply isn't for me. I recall when she did 'Believe' in the early 2k's, that song was remixed into a pretty techno heavy track, and I enjoyed that style. But like most 80's, I just don't groove to it. Follower janis! asked me to review this one, so I'm going to assume she loves it. I'll be anxious to hear her follow up opinions to this. I'll tell you to go ahead and listen to it, as I feel I'm in the non-Cher loving minority. Happy hump day!

1. If I Could Turn Back Time
2. Just Like Jesse James
3. You Wouldn't Know Love
4. Heart of Stone
5. Still in Love With You
6. Love on a Rooftop
7. Emotional Fire
8. All Because of You
9. Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore?
10. Starting Over
11. Kiss to Kiss
12. After All

Listen To Samples

1. After All
2. If I Could Turn Back Time
3. Heart Of Stone

3 out of 5 stars


  1. i really don't know anything else on this album aside from 'if i could turn back time.' it's a classic. mostly i love it because of jack mcfarlane's version of it from 'will and grace.' but now i love it on it's own merits. it was my most recent itunes purchase because i had it stuck in my head after a night of drinking and singing "IF I COULD TURN BACK TIIIOOOMMMEE" with an associate of mine... plus dude, you totally hadn't reviewed it yet. plus cher has aged pretty well, no? im not sure if she bathes in embalming fluid regularly or something, but she looks pretty good. enjoy. i am now going to download 'gypsies, tramps & thieves' because one cher song in itunes isn't enough. two should suffice.

  2. Hmm...I guess she's aged well. I never found her attractive as a young Cher. I'd have to ask an older man what they think. Get some proper feedback.

    Sadly, I don't think Cher and I will ever share a musical bond.