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Monday, November 29, 2010

311 - Self Titled

I challenge to find someone who was big into music, and didn't listen to this at least once. I mean come on, this was almost an anthem during its day. Of all places for hardcore alternative bands to form, these guys came from Nebraska. Yeah - Nebraska. Lovely Omaha. Been there. Great town if you're a farmer. Just kidding Nebraskans. I love all midwest states. There has been a ton of speculation where they got their name from. I remember back in the day, being called a racist for having a 311 band t shirt. Why you ask? Because the letter 'K' is the 11th letter of the alphabet. 3-11 broken down could then mean KKK. A bit of a stretch for me, but whatever. I'd been called worse. The real deal is 311 is the police code for indecent exposure. They got caught by police swimming nude, so they stole the band name from that. Many people call this the 'Blue Album' - but that distinction can only go to one band, and even if Weezer wasn't first, it's still a WAY better record. That doesn't mean I don't still enjoy this one, because I do. It's a solid 3x platinum, with one of those copies being mine. (And I still actually own it) It's not something I listen to super often, but I do occasionally toss it on. It's got a decently cool feel to it. Definitely alternative style, but also a little Sublime-y and punk rocky too. My guess is when you listened to it 15 years ago, you skipped to 'Down' and 'All Mixed Up' - and rightfully so. Those were great songs in the day. The rest of the album doesn't really stray from that style. For that reason, it's worth listening to. Check it out today and go back to '95. Feel young again.

1. Down
2. Random
3. Jackolantern's Weather
4. All Mixed Up
5. Hive
6. Guns (Are For Pussies)
7. Misdirected Hostility
8. Purpose
9. Loco
10. Brodels
11. Don't Stay Home
12. Dlmd
13. Sweet
14. T & P Combo

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. All Mixed Up
2. Down
3. Don't Stay Home

3 out of 5 stars


  1. i concur with your top three. 311 is probably one of the most fun live bands. and always draw one of the biggest crowds at summerfest.

  2. Never actually saw them live I don't think. Not sure why...

  3. i'm not sure either. next time. join me.