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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

N.E.R.D - Nothing

Today is going to be a double New Music Tuesday day. Frankly, I was listening to Deadmau5 last night a bit, and I A) don't feel like listening to more techno this morning and B) I know nothing can compare to what I was jamming on - and I know it'll be a let down. If anyone takes issue with my no techno review today - let me know. Maybe I could be persuaded to run a third review later. Anyway, I think everyone will be happy with my two choices today. Two pretty big artists dropped new albums - both with seemingly very little hype or even people knowing they were coming out. I start with NERD (and yes I know I just reviewed them a couple weeks ago). I saw this today and couldn't resist. I made mention how much I enjoy what Pharrell and the Neptunes put out there. At first listen, this is pretty good too. This album is MUCH different than the 'In Search Of..' record I reviewed previous. This has more of a soul/laid back feel to it. One track I also enjoy quite a bit is produced by techno guru Daft Punk. Very neat that they took part in the making of this album. Overall, another classic change up thrown to the listener in terms of what the Star Trak family is putting out there. I HIGHLY recommend listening to this if you enjoyed any other NERD, Clipse, Pharrell, Neptunes project. It's got the same fun and fresh feel. You know, making awesome, new music is business as usual for these guys. Check it out!

1. Party People
2. Hypnotize U
3. Help Me
4. Victory
5. Perfect Defect
6. I've Seen The Light/Inside Of Clouds
7. God Bless Us All
8. Life As A Fish
9. Nothing On You
10. Hot-n-Fun

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Victory
2. Hot-n-Fun
3. Hypnotize U

3.75 out of 5 stars

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