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Friday, December 10, 2010

B Side Presents, "Friday Gut Check - I Ain't Sayin' She A Gold Digger.."

With Kanye's new one dropping a couple weeks back - it's caused some stir in the industry surrounding his career and where he stands. As most of you probably know, I love new Kanye. He's got 5 studio albums - and there they are:

College Dropout - 2004 - 2x platinum
Late Registration - 2005 - 3x platinum
Graduation - 2007 - 2x platinum
808's And Heartbreak - 1x platinum
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - 2010 - TBD

In terms of where he stacks up all time, as an artist - he'll stick out in my mind as a guy that's been through a lot of ups and downs. Both in music and in life. His music started out fairly poppy (with the exception of Jesus Walks) and got more poppy as the records went on. His mom died, saw some other tragedy and then 808's dropped. 'Fantasy' is also pretty dark, and not much pop to it. He's evolved as an artist and producer, and for me, if he called it quits tomorrow, that's how I'd remember. Others might choose to only remember telling Taylor Swift to get off the stage - but I hope those people are fewer and far between. You're missing out on a talented guy. Maybe a conceded, self righteous guy - but talented all the same. Regardless, here is my Kanye West Top 5. Check out the tracks if you haven't heard them before!

5. Diamonds From Sierra Leone - Trumpets, piano, sick beats, sick flow...The Roc is still alive every time I rhyme. Yes! This track is flat out sick. Not only does it talk about a fairly controversial subject matter and bring awareness, it's also just fun to crank up and listen to loudly. Jay's callabo it in puts it in the top 5. Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week. LOVE IT!

4. Can't Tell Me Nothing - La, La, La-La, wait 'till I get my money right. Great track. Jeezy's signature ad libbed 'Yeeea' in the backdrop. Very laid back hip hop track that makes you feel a little perspective. I think we've all had moments where people in our lives try to influence our decisions (good or bad) and we just didn't listen. It's almost an anthem of sorts if you look at it that way. Just wait until I'm successful, then you have NO right telling me what to do.

3. See You In My Nightmare - Yeezy and Weezy getting together on what might be the highlight of Kanye's either best album or second best album. This album in total was very dark and very 'makes-you-think' heavy. Nightmare is another one of those tracks. More hard beats and more synthed out backdrops. How did you get there? Cuz we were once a fairytale - but this is farewell... Who hasn't had a relationship that they thought would be great forever and then turned sour? It speaks to about everyone, and can seriously be mood affecting. The passion that they both speak with is outstanding.

2. Runaway - There are a few tracks I could have gone off the new one with. Runaway speaks to me the most. Just starting out with the haunting piano note - over and over. Then it goes down a key. It yanks your attention from whatever you're doing and then the beat kicks in with the 'we gotcha, we gotcha' edited in. What other artist would make a song talking about he's so disappointed with himself, and frustrated by his own shortcomings? I'm a douchebag, asshole, scumbag, and jerkoff. And I don't want to be all the time, but it's who I am. You're the best for putting up with it - but you shouldn't have to. Runaway from me - as fast as you can.

1. Jesus Walks - I really didn't want to go with this as number one. I REALLY didn't. But it was the total precursor to the passionate music he's putting together today. If this takes away from my spins, which will probably take away from my 'ends - well I hope it takes away from my sins, and brings the day that I'm dreamin' bout. A guy making a song he knows won't get play because of his faith. Most acts won't make a song saying they're passionate about board games, let alone his bond with the man above. For a debut record, that takes guts. The beat is sick, the flow is nice and the message is the best. Speak what you're passionate on - even if you don't get the dollars, you get the respect.

What are you Top 5 songs? I want to hear 'em!


  1. I blogged about 'See You In My Nightmares' a little while ago. I love that track too.

    I heard it with my cousin first. I kept waiting for the beat to drop but it just kept with this synthesized heavy violin background. It was unexpected but refreshing all at once. Not that there wasn't, but at the time I couldn't recall hearing a beat like that up until that point. Right on point, it does make you think heavy and hard.

    Good choice :)

  2. Great song.

    Have you listened to the new one yet? You seem like a fairly big Kanye fan.

  3. I really dig the new album as you may have figured it just feels like it fits my current moment in time.

  4. Awesome! I'm in love with it too. Great stuff.

  5. As I'm sure you'll not care, but since this blog is a rockin' I quit the music exchange group.