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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bone Crusher - AttenCHUN!

Have I mentioned in the past how odd it can be running across new music sometimes? For example, one very late night - I was watching Conan O'Brien. (yeah, remember when Conan was on network television? remember when he was on really late - after Leno? yeah, those days) He used to have the most new, fresh acts on no matter what genre they were in. And one night, this seemingly gigantic, powerful stage presence came on the stage and starting spitting these hard, sick lyrics. That song was 'Never Scared'. Needless to say, I was immediately hooked. I jumped on to Napster, Scour, or whatever service I was using at the time and downloaded it. This was a time where Lil Jon's, 'Bia Bia' was the hardest hitting rap anthem the world has ever heard. Which in fairness, is really good too. But this song was just sicker. If you're looking for a song to just thug out to, that is the one. Bone Crusher is really named Wayne Hardnett, and is from of course, Atlanta, GA. What's fairly crazy, is that song is so rough, yet it got used in so many regular things. It was the theme for the entire 2003 Atlanta Braves organization, and was used as the intro track in the Madden '04 video game. Extremely edited I'm sure, but used nonetheless. This album came out in 2003, and hasn't sold particularly well. Jermaine Dupri found him, and tried to work him into the spotlight, he just never really caught on. This album is by no means "good" - but the one song is amazing. There wasn't much coming out of the Dirty, Dirty back in 2003 - so this got a fair share of play back in the day. I listen to it now, and nothing but 'Never Scared' would be in the rotation. But it'll stay there, forever.

1. Lock & Load
2. Never Scared (Intro)
3. Never Scared
4. Back Up
5. Grippin' the Grain
6. Transaction (Interlude)
7. Puttin' in Work
8. Break 'Em Off for Life (Interlude)
9. Gettin' It (Get Dat Money)
10. It's Me (Lane to Lane)
11. For the Streets
12. Sound the Horn
13. Hate Ourselves
14. Vainglorious (Interlude)
15. Ghetto Song
16. Peaches & Cream
17. The Wall

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Never Scared
2. Never Scared
3. Puttin' In Work

2.75 out of stars


  1. Man, this song was a trip 4real.

    I remember seeing T.I. in this video for the first time, he was my cousins favorite. Here he was, Bone Crusher, wearing this big Cincinnati Bengals jersey, white and black converses, hair just out there, walking through what I assume now but didn't know then, the city of Atlanta, GA. I don't think I heard anything else but 'Never Scared' in the 03-04 era, I liked it though. Every time I would turn around and look, my cousins were "never scared!!!!", urghh, shut up, I know!.

    Anyway, ironically, I was actually thinking about this song for a while or so before you posted this, good looking out :)

  2. Really good song, not a solid album in total. But that one song is so punishing.

    Glad you knew this one beforehand. It's a good one!

  3. OH, you know I'm all about Never Scared! I used to blaze it in my dorm room, got my whole floor hooked. One song that I'll always get into!

  4. Sick track. Can't leave home without it.