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Friday, December 3, 2010

B Side Presents, "Stop...Grammy Time!"

As you all probably know, it's Grammy Award time. The nominees were announced the other day - so I wanted to take a day to contemplate who I want to win. Now, I'm not going to run through every single category - just the ones I feel most passionate about. Having listened to most of the music out there this year - I feel confident I can remain unbiased, and fair. Let's see how it goes. Also, give me your picks! We could have a bragging rights contest or something.

Song of the Year
'Beg, Steal or Borrow' -- Ray LaMontagne
'Forget You' -- Cee-Lo
'The House That Built Me' -- Miranda Lambert
'Love the Way You Lie' -- Eminem Feat. Rihanna
'Need You Now' -- Lady Antebellum

B Side Prediction: I think Eminem walks away with this one. The only big challenge would be Lady Antebellum. Both songs were huge - but the lyrical value and the video for 'Love The Way You Lie' will give it the edge.

Album of the Year
'The Suburbs' -- Arcade Fire
'Recovery' -- Eminem
'Need You Now' -- Lady Antebellum
'The Fame Monster' -- Lady Gaga
'Teenage Dream' -- Katy Perry

B Side Prediction: I really enjoyed 'Suburbs' and 'Recovery'. 'Need You Now' also got favorable reviews by me. However, I think this one goes to Gaga. I think she proved she's here to stay with her sophomore drop, and she'll be rewarded by the committee.

Best New Artist
Justin Bieber
Florence and the Machine
Mumford and Sons
Esperanza Spalding

B Side Prediction: Why isn't B.o.B nominated for this? Drake has been around forever, and has no chance. I hope it goes to Mumford and Sons - but I have no doubt it'll be Bieber. Disgusting.

Record of the Year
'Nothing on You' -- B.o.B. Feat. Bruno Mars
'Love the Way You Lie' -- Eminem Feat. Rihanna
'Forget You' -- Cee-Lo
'Empire State of Mind -- Jay-Z Feat. Alicia Keys
'Need You Now' -- Lady Antebellum

B Side Prediction: This is a tough one. I'm not even 100% sure why this is called 'Record Of The Year' - but whatever. I think Jay-Z takes this one home though. I like all of these songs - and the fact they censored Cee-Lo's track makes me want him to win. But alas, Jay walks away victorious.

Best Pop Vocal Album
'My World 2.0' -- Justin Bieber
'I Dreamed a Dream' -- Susan Boyle
'The Fame Monster' -- Lady Gaga
'Battle Studies' -- John Mayer
'Teenage Dream' -- Katy Perry

B Side Prediction: Can I claim apathy and not vote? Oh wait, I'm deciding that and I wrote this down. While I gave the edge to Gaga up top, I think this one will go to Boyle. Just a gut feeling. I don't think it merits the win - but people really like her and her story. I'm calling the upset.

Best Country Album
'Up on the Ridge' -- Dierks Bentley
'You Get What You Give' -- Zac Brown Band
'The Guitar Song' -- Jamey Johnson
'Need You Now' -- Lady Antebellum
'Revolution' -- Miranda Lambert

B Side Prediction: I don't have a ton of educated stuff to say here. I think Lady Antebellum crushes the opposition here.

Best Rock Song
'Angry World' -- Neil Young
'Little Lion Man' -- Mumford & Sons
'Radioactive' -- Kings Of Leon
'Resistance' -- Muse
'Tighten Up' -- The Black Keys

B Side Prediction: Please - for the love of Pete, please reward the Black Keys. They are still one of the best bands you're not listening to.

Best Rock Album
'Emotion & Commotion' -- Jeff Beck
'The Resistance' -- Muse
'Backspacer' -- Pearl Jam
'Mojo' -- Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
'Le Noise' -- Neil Young

B Side Prediction: What a lackluster listing this year. Muse probably walks away with this - but pretty much by default. The PJ album was really mediocre and so was Young and Petty. I like Jeff Beck, but he's too unknown to win it.

Best Rap Song
'Empire State Of Mind -- Jay-Z & Alicia Keys
'Love the Way You Lie' -- Eminem & Rihanna
'Not Afraid -- Eminem
'Nothin' On You' -- B.o.B & Bruno Mars
'On To The Next One' --Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz

B Side Prediction: Well, given the nominees, Em has a really good shot at this one. Unfortunately, they didn't put a track like 'No Love' or something on that I think would cause him an immediate win. If you want me to go with straight up quality - it'll probably go to Jay and probably for Empire. 'On To The Next One' is probably the best song though.

Best Rap Album
'The Adventures of Bobby Ray' -- B.o.B
'Thank Me Later' -- Drake
'Recovery' -- Eminem
'The Blueprint 3' -- Jay-Z
'How I Got Over' -- The Roots

B Side Prediction: Seriously, if Em doesn't win this one - I'm quitting paying attention to the Grammys. It's the best Rap album by far. Jay could steal it, but Roots, Drake and BoB don't even sniff those two albums. Em gets 2 awards I think.

Let me know what ya'll think! What did I get right or wrong? What other categories to you have opinions on? Let me know!


  1. OK, for starters I like the title. Second where it not for this blog, I would've forgotten about the Grammy Awards.

    If you could help me out with these questions:
    1) Is there a certain committee that selects the nominees?
    2)How long does an artist have upon his or her debut to then be in the nominee pool?


    I 100% agree with you that Bieber will more that likely win that category. Lets say he does. I hope it will propel him to a higher creative level. Because of the fact that I love music so much, I can't honestly say, "I don't like his music". I just don't understand how popularity attached itself to him so quickly. Your right Drake isn't new. He's been on for about 3 or 4 years. Have you heard him on the "Replacement Girl" track with Trey Songz? It's pretty good


    Honestly, I'd like to see that one go to 'Nothin' On You' -- B.o.B & Bruno Mars. Cause I was thinking OK, names aside, listen to production quality, the beat, and all that. I think they deserve it.


    Agreed, lousy selection, but I like Kings Of Leon.

    I guess because I've never really divided music into categories and I just see it as a whole I cant get too in depth with other categories, so I'll just spout out who I think should be in the nominee pool:

    John Legend
    Robin Thicke
    Kanye West
    Green Day
    Alicia Keys
    Jennifer Hudson
    Janelle Monae

    Ehh, just to name a few.

  2. Thanks for the title love. And yeah, I ususally don't even think about the Grammys either.

    The awards are picked by winners, artists, media blah blah blah. No formal committee.

    I can't stand Bieber. His music offers no value to anyone except teens. You know, which is cool - but not grammy award worthy. I hope you're right about him getting more mature and his music going along with it. I just don't see it.

    I still think 'On To The Next One' had the best overall value for rap. Best production, lyrics etc. I like Bob, just not that track.

    I like Kings of Leon too. I think Muse's album was just a little better. Still not great though, but nothing was in the Rock category.

    Kanye Will get his due this next year. Dark Fantasy will win some awards I think.

  3. Song of the Year
    This will probably go to Lady Antebellum. I feel like the Eminem song was pushed down my throat more but I think Lady Antebellum will win. I want this to go to Cee-Lo because, frankly, I'm incredibly surprised this song was nominated. Also, I think the Grammy often goes to the person least likely to get it.

    Best New Artist
    I'm really pulling for Florence and the Machine on this one. I'd also be happy with Mumford and Sons...but I'm sure Bieber's going to take this one (which makes my heart break a little).

    Best Pop Vocal
    I wasn't aware that John Mayer released an album. I really hope Susan Boyle wins this one because I don't want to hear the acceptance speeches from anyone else.

    Best Rock Song
    Neil Young? What? Wait, I'm thinking of Neil Diamond. Anyway, I'm really pulling for the Black Keys on this one but I think Muse will walk away with it.

  4. Hard for me to remark on what gets shoved down throats nowadays. I really can't stand the radio. But if Lady Ant wins, I don't have a huge problem with it.

    I do have a problem with Bieber - but whatever. It's gonna happen.

    Black Keys rule!

    Thanks for the post!