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Friday, December 17, 2010

Rant #12 - "Oh The Weather Outside Is....Weather"

A virtual high-five to anyone who knows what movie my title is from...

Anyways, depending on where you're reading this from - it's the mean streets of winter. That means bitter cold, snow and a lot of depressing times for people. With the exception of the holidays, some people don't have a whole lot to be excited about during the dog days of winter. When the sun doesn't shine for a week straight, and it's nothing but different shades of gray outside, I can fall into the same funk.

Today for example, I woke up - exhausted. In the shower I thought about how today is going to take forever. I got up, put my jacket on and headed into the car. Then BAM! Satellite radio kicked in and it was the very beginning of the song 'The Distance' by Cake. Instantly, how tired I was seemed irrelevant. How cold and dark it was at 6:30am didn't effect me in the slightest. It could have been 75 and sunny out there for all I knew.

The point is, music transformed my mood from irritation and anger, into joy. Even if it was just for that brief 3 minute track. When it hits winter like it has this month - music is more important than ever! Find your favorite tunes and toss them on. For many people, all they play in December is Christmas music. Personally, I've never been a big fan - but I understand why people are. It gets them in the spirit. And if listening to your favorite boy band cover 'Jingle Bell Rock' is how you break the winter blues, break on! Next week, I will be reviewing NOTHING BUT XMAS MUSIC! That's right. The B Side is breaking out of the comfort zone and doing something new. So toss in those suggestions of what your favorites are, and I'll be listening.

The whole point is, I know a few people who are a bit down on their luck right now. Without jobs, no friends or family around, love life down the tubes - any of those reasons. Well put on your favorite album and let the pain go away. The easiest thing to do is wallow and stay under the warm covers all day - but let music be your inspiration. Listen to 'Pump Up The Jam' and do something with your day that will make you feel good. It's a beautiful world out there and no matter how bad you have it - living life is a great thing. Let music be your guide to conquering everything you want to do.


  1. Very inspiring words.

    I feel the same way. Sometimes the conditions out there aren't necessarily the best, but when my favorite jam comes to mind or on the radio, my mood is changed instantly.


  2. We need it. We need little things like that to keep us sane. I think it is or can be music for a lot of people - and they don't realize it.

    Thanks for the comment and reading. I really appreciate it!

  3. agree. music can also push you in the other direction, if you are on the verge of sad/mad.

    now, for me, my employer just got sold to canada. time to brush up on my michael buble and barenaked ladies jams - i thankfully already have a passing knowledge of rush, eh.

  4. HIGH FIVE right on, WOOOOO! Looks like you have some pain behind those eyes...

    Music has been quite soothing to me my friend. I'm terribly behind on your posts, have you reviewed the band "Band of Horses" they have a very melancholy sound that is surprisingly humbling. As Janis said Micheal Buble, I would but that was "her" man so I'll pass on those painful songs, BNL always seems to cheer me a bit. As for Rush, perhaps tis the time to give Rush a chance.

    B-sides I find you're blog overall serendipitous(props to Ms. Manny) as music can enjoyed on so many levels that hearing a track can alter one's mindset as you have so put, The Distance always gets me going as well.

  5. I think music can take you the other way too. But that all comes down to choice. Don't listen to the depressing stuff if you're already in that mode. Break the funk.

    Heard about them getting sold. Hopefully that doesn't mean bad things for you.

  6. Glad to see you're still reading from time to time peterman!

    BNL, Rush - good stuff. Rush is in fact the greatest band ever.

    Thanks for the shoutout too. Glad to see so mny people enjoying my musical thoughts.

  7. Ohh man, I love what you said B, "...break the funk"

    I gotta use that somewhere, sometime, soon :)