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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black Eyed Peas - The Beginning

Ahh yes, the Black Eyed Peas. This just dropped on Tuesday, but no samples were linked, so I waited. I decided for no real good reason to check on it again today - not sure why. I have a very deep love/hate relationship with the Peas. While their music is certainly catchy and DEFINES the word pop - lyrically it's just garbage. I mean, I'm so 3008, you so two thousand and late. Get serious. I still have a huge crush on Fergie though, so that saves them for me a bit. Hey, don't judge. This album is a follow up to The E.N.D (duh) which stood for the Energy Never Dies. This is named the beginning because it supposedly symbolizes growth, new beginnings and starts a fresh new perspective. I highly doubt that. I just don't see them really messing with the recipe for success they've built. Take track one for example - they remix and cover the Dirty Dancing anthem "The Time". This song is honestly terrible. This album in total might be a little more dance-ish than normal, but it's not earth shatteringly different. I'm still waiting for them to drop something awesome. Monkey Business was pretty solid, but after that - mostly garbage. I actually like this MORE than END - only because I love dance music. This fits more into that genre. I don't know what else will be radio worthy off this - but I'm guessing it won't be as big as The End. It's worth checking out I guess - but not more than a few tracks. If you don't like track 2, you won't like track 14.

1. Time, The (Dirty Bit)
2. Light Up the Night
3. Love You Long Time
5. Someday
6. Whenever
7. Fashion Beats
8. Don't Stop the Party
9. Do It Like This
10. Best One Yet, The (The Boy)
11. Just Can't Get Enough
12. Play It Loud

Listen To Samples

1. Play It Loud
2. Love You Long Time
3. Own It

3.25 out of 5 stars


  1. I listened and I'm kind of unsure

    Light Up The Night - Sounds like they sampled and sped up "This Is How We Do It" from Montel Jordan which is Slick Ricks original I think. Track 11 and 13 sound like "OMG", and that kind of ticked me off. Beat wise I like tracks 4, 7 and 9, they're not bad.

    I think the Black Eyed Pea's are capable of something better. You're right they've found their recipe to success but, like I've said before I just feel like so many artists are catering to listeners. I can't stand that. Go with what is truly you. This whole poppy dancy stuff is gettin on my nerves. I'm like you B, I like dance music, only when it's done in the style of that artist, not in that "follow the leader" fashion.

  2. I think they could be a great dance group. If they just focused on beats and laying down sick dance tracks, they'd be awesome. Ditch Fergie and any other real lyrics, just do the beat thing.

    Oh well, maybe someday.

  3. remember when fergie ferg wasn't in BEP? and remember how she can't spell on her own solo album? don't producers have spell check?

  4. oh and 'the time' is awful. i really hope i hear nothing else from this album. i'll keep 'imma be' (or 'i'm a bee,' or a wasp, whatever) for fun times and skip most of the rest of their catalog.

  5. This album doesn't do it for me. If it's trying to be a dance record - it's got MILES to go before it hits any techno artist.

    Fergie is hot, but she sucks. Plain and simple.