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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bowling For Soup - Great Burrito Extortion Case

It's Hump Day. Sorry I'm a bit late on posting, but I had something pressing come up this morning. Looking into the book of Suggestion Box - Shaqwanda had been jamming on some comedy style albums recently. Now, I reviewed Lonely Island quite a while ago, and I love the 'Incredibad' record. I've grooved to Tenacious D for years as well. She recommended Flight Of The Conchords too, and I'll get to them one day. She also mentioned Bowling For Soup, and that this is her favorite record by them. I do know BFS, and have listened to the mainstream stuff by them in the past. For those who don't know, they blend a punk rock style with wacky, off the wall lyrics. These guys formed in Denton, Texas way back in 1994. They did drop an album in 1995 - that didn't chart. As none of their albums have with the exception of 2. This is not one of them. Remember way back in the day when I reviewed Richard Cheese? Recall then that I called him more of a novelty, but no real music value? I think these guys are similar. I mean, I've never listened to every album they made - heck, this is probably the first time I listened to any of them start to finish. But I just don't think they're a band to take seriously. Which again, is fine if that's what you're expecting. If I'm in that Tenacious/Lonely Island style mood, these guys might serve a purpose on my iPod. Just for a perspective on me, I don't find myself in that mood very often. Regardless, I can see why people would enjoy this as a change of pace from time to just simply isn't for me. It wouldn't make me laugh like those other bands mentioned, and if I just wanted "fun" music I'd flip on BNL. Just my two cents.

1. Epiphany
2. High School Never Ends
3. Val Kilmer
4. I'm Gay
5. Why Don't I Miss You?
6. Friendly Goodbye, A
7. Luckiest Loser
8. Love Sick Stomach Ache (Sugar Coated Accident)
9. Much More Beautiful Person
10. Friends Like You
11. When We Die
12. 99 Biker Friends
13. Don't Let It Be Love
14. If You Come Back to Me Outro

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Val Kilmer
2. When We Die
3. High School Never Ends

2.5 out of 5 stars


  1. I like Tenacious D myself.

    After listening to the samples, I gotta say that I can't take them seriously as well. It could be that a lot of the tracks sound the same. "If You Come Back To Me/Outro" sounds pretty good. Guess I can't bare the content and I love music, go figure :/

  2. Yeah, I agree. While I think if you're really big into the punk/pop deal, this might be great, it's just not for me.

    Maybe I need to listen to more by them..