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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Daft Punk - Tron Legacy Soundtrack

It's Tuesday - that can only mean a handful of things. 1) Techno Tuesday has arrived 2) New Music Tuesday has arrived and 3) I'm a heap of happiness. As most of you probably know, I'm not the resident expert when it comes to soundtracks...that's why we keep Heidi employed at the B Side. But this one was too good to pass up. First and foremost, I love Daft Punk. When I saw this was dropping today, I had to jot it down to remember. Follower janis! also loves some Punk, and reminded me about this in the Suggestion Box. Basically what's going on here is, Disney was looking for someone to write the score for the Tron Legacy film. Daft Punk stepped up to the plate and took this large task on. From what I've only seen via trailers of the film, they couldn't be a better fit. It's a very virtual, sci-fi type film, and whatever Punk decided to put forward will be a great match. Having listened to the 24 tracks in full now, they make me want to see a movie I otherwise would have zero interest in checking out. Devotees will recall my love for the Dark Knight soundtrack. I loved that the soundtrack made an amazing movie - just a little bit better. Well, this seems to have that feel to me. I have no idea what the movie is about or the storyline, but if it coincides with the soundtrack listing, you have a feel for the tones and the way the audience it supposed to feel in each segment. It's great when the music has that kind of feel. And I certainly prefer listening to these "score" type soundtracks versus ones with real songs. The biggest reason why, is these tend to have so much passion and emotion behind them. Sure, it's cool listening to songs and remembering how they fit into films - but even without the film background I feel connections with the soundtrack. Yeah, it's that neat. So definitely check this out today.

1. Overture
2. Grid, The
3. Son of Flynn, The
4. Recognizer
5. Armory
6. Arena
7. Rinzler
8. Game Has Changed, The
9. Outlands
10. Adagio For Tron
11. Nocturne
12. End of Line
13. Derezzed
14. Fall
15. Solar Sailer
16. Rectifier
17. Disc Wars
18. C.L.U.
19. Arrival
20. Flynn Lives
21. Tron Legacy (End Titles)
22. Finale
23. Tron: Legacy Enhancement

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Derezzed
2. C.L.U.
3. The Son Of Flynn

3.5 out of 5 stars


  1. yay! i knew you'd review this today. i am DL'ing it now from itunes. kinda sad with myself for not going to buy the CD as i do still like CDs, but the DL from itunes had TWO EXTRA SONGS! how am i supposed to pass THAT up?

  2. I like CD's better. I'd have passed up the bonus tracks. Just sayin'.

    How do you like it?

  3. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet but I've read that some don't think it's too hot


  4. I think some people might not get it. You have to remember that it's also a movie score. It's not ONLY meant to be really sick music.

    Although, I enjoy it just for musical value, I could understand why others don't.

  5. Okay if you haven't seen the original 1982 TRON movie let me know, I'll bring it out for New Years. Honestly, I didn't quite get the hype for the original, yes a bit ahead of it's time, but just not that great to me. I will though give TRON Legacy the movie and soundtrack a chance, the movie primarly because I love Jeff Bridges, the soundtrack because of this review. Thanks!

  6. I have seen it, and I hated it. Of course, it was when I was a kid - so it might have been hard for me to grasp fully.

    Soundtrack is sweet, can't comment on the film yet. Probably won't see it until video.