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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ciara - Goodies

Pop music can be funny. Sometimes what is super poppy at the time, is also considered r&b or rap or alternative. The list goes on. Ciara (I think) tried to get into the rap pool at first, similar to Lil Kim or now Nicki Minaj. She also was very tight with Missy Elliott - and many rap devotees respected Missy E. That didn't translate to Ciar though, in spite of her best efforts to collaborate with Ludacris. Ciara's actual middle name is Princess. That's crazy. She was born in Austin, Texas - but ended up traveling the world and meeting DJ Jazzy Pha in the ATL. 'Goodies' was Ciara's first studio album, and it came out back in 2004. I actually remembered that off the top of my head, because this album had singles that were HUGE. As a whole, this has only sold a meager 3x platinum. Honestly, that's shocking. Having the three huge singles this did, I would have expected more album sales. 'Oh' was the first huge drop - and that was with a good reason. Usually Ludacris blows collabos up. If you want your album to go platinum, you contact Luda. The other singles seemed to have put this album on the map for good. And this was also when ringtones were really starting to blow up. (does anyone care about ringtones anymore?) Ciara did HUGE ringtone sales too, mostly for Goodies. Start to finish, this album is super lackluster. This is probably why the sales are low. This is an album that you could spend 3 dollars downloading the singles on iTunes, and not have to spend 10 on the whole record. If nothing else, listen to the singles today. They're certainly catchy.

1. Goodies
2. 1, 2 Step
3. Thug Style
4. Hotline
5. Oh
6. Pick Up the Phone
7. Lookin' at You
8. Ooh Baby
9. Next to You
10. And I
11. Other Chicks
13. Goodies (Bonus Track)

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Oh
2. 1,2 Step
3. Goodies

2.25 out of 5 stars


  1. I agree, "Oh" and "Goodies" were good. I like them, still do. Never listened to the whole album though. Maybe I'll have to.

    I used to think that the only purpose in actually buying the CD, was to have the singles that made it to the airwaves. I now realize after much more understanding that sometimes theres some other "gooddies":)

  2. Yeah, I think most people thought that way. Almost always I found better tracks on any given album than the ones that made it big. Especially with hip hop albums.

    Check the whole thing out, see if you agree with my lackluster remarks.

  3. i was never a huge fan of ciara, and the one live performance (it was something on tv) i saw of her ever wasn't that impressive. i always thought that 'they' were trying to make her into a replacement for aaliyah, especially with the missy elliot connection. the best thing i think she's ever done is guesting on missy elliot's 'lose control.'

    and when i was 'lucky' enough to be working at Trendy Girls Store in 2004, everyone had a ciara ringtone. and the store had all kinds of awful dance remixes every month with her music (and others, for example, bad disco versions of Fleetwood Mac songs...) that made me want to go deaf.

  4. Hooking up with Missy was nice, but Luda probably made her. He sells a lot of callabo tracks.

    I think she's part to blame that ringtones were so huge. Those three tracks. Ugh.

    Thanks for the post!