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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Heart - Self Titled

When I was listening to Cher the other day, I remembered this little band called Heart. It all started in Seattle in the early 70's. They still make music today, in fact dropped a new album not all that long ago. The only members who have been there start to finish have been the Wilson sisters, Ann and Nancy. Just full disclosure, I think these guys are extremely talented. I mean, even if you're he hardest rap loving guy in the world, you still have to enjoy a little Barracuda right? The vocals, the riff, everything about it is rock solid. I specifically chose this album though because it didn't have that song on it. Oh wait, fun story about that track. It was rumored back in the late 70's that the Wilson sisters had maybe experimented with each other. You know, in that illegal way. This enraged Ann so much, she read that article went back to her hotel room and wrote Barracuda. Crazy, since that song really put them on the map for good. If we could all find such glorious inspiration in our haters, we'd all be so much better off. Regardless, I picked this album because they're no one trick pony. This album didn't drop until 1985 and is a nice 5x platinum in the states. 6x in Canada, which is surprising. Anyway, there are another solid 4 songs on this album too. I didn't listen to Hearts latest yet, but I have watched a recent show, and they can still bring the fire. I don't think they intend to stop anytime soon again. They've gone through ups and downs and made big money and lost big money. I think at this point, they're just doing for their passion and love for the fans. It doesn't get better than that. Check it out today - I think you'll love it too.

1. If Looks Could Kill
2. What About Love
3. Never
4. These Dreams
5. Wolf, The
6. All Eyes
7. Nobody Home
8. Nothin' at All
9. What He Don't Know
10. Shell Shock

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. These Dreams
2. What About Love
3. Never

3.75 out of 5 stars

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