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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Black Country Communion - 2

Tuesday. Since I'm a couple ahead on my techno reviews, I'm going to run with two New Music Tuesday entries today. That means I had to get up extra early to listen to two studio length albums in time to get them reviewed for ya'll this morning. The challenge subsequently ended up being, there wasn't a whole lot of amazing things out today. Quick show of hands, who has heard of this band before? As I'm scanning the crowd, I see zero hands go up. Now I'll add that this is a rock supergroup, continuing my uncanny ability to pick them out of a crowd. Just some guy that was in Deep Purple, some guy who's the son of a guy from Zeppelin and the some guy who played with Alice in Chains and Alice Cooper. No big whoop. In what I'm referring to as a big shocker, this band actually formed just last year. I never see that. Every band that comes my way has at least been together a couple of years before they drop a record. And based on this album's title, it's safe to assume this isn't even their first album - and you'd be right! Formed in 2010 and dropped their first album in Sept of 2010. Having gotten through this 1.5 times as I'm writing this, I'm not really sure what to think of it. While it's certainly not bad, none of the tracks are really sticking with me. Sound wise, it's basically straight up old school rock. They're not doing anything crazy. Vocals are good, lyrics are basically non-existent. I couldn't imagine singing along with any of these tracks. This album reminds of when you see a band perform at a carnival or something, and there are about 5 chicks in the front row belting out crazy lyrics and the rest of the crowd is just kind of moving along in acknowledgement. They're not necessarily happy to be there, but more indifferent. I won't say that the album is totally mediocre, but I am generally indifferent.

1. Outsider, The
2. Man In the Middle
3. Battle For Hadrian's Wall, The
4. Save Me
5. Smokestack Woman
6. Faithless
7. An Ordinary Son
8. I Can See Your Spirit
9. Little Secret
10. Crossfire
11. Cold

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Little Secret
2. Man In The Middle
3. Crossfire

2.75 out of 5 stars

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