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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Good Charlotte - Young And The Hopeless

Looking at my reviews, I knew I had to do a punk type band today - but had no clue which I should go for. I was strumming through my very limited section of punk rock, and I noticed Good Charlotte. And wow, I recall hearing their name all the time about 10 years ago, but have heard about zero since. Guess it's time to research. They are a Maryland based band that started around 1996. They have five studio albums out since 2000, with the latest coming in 2010. Crazy. I don't listen to those types of stations often, but if they had any monster singles, I typically would hear them on the pop stations. Basically everything they had off this album. This was their second release, and it dropped in 2002. The band and the label decided to try the old dualdisc for this release. If you don't know what that is, basically you have a regular version of the cd on one side, then bonus tracks/content on the other side. Notoriously the dualdisc is a huge flop because people aren't used to turning their discs over. Or treating them poorly on one side, saving the other that plays the music. Didn't matter too much for this record though, as it sits a solid 3x platinum in the states. Only one of their other records charted in the US so far. It's easy to see why this one was so popular. They were appealing to a bunch of crowds with their upbeat, poppy sound - but still punk rockish. I guess what's flooring is how huge this genre was around the early 2k's. Think about this band versus AAR or pretty much any other punk band making pop music. They all still sound the game. And they aren't talking about anything, just making upbeat, three note guitar tracks. Blah. I wouldn't listen to this today if I were you. It's just not worth your hour.

1. New Beginning, A
2. Anthem, The
3. Lifestyles of Rich and Famous
4. Wondering
5. Story of My Old Man, The
6. Boys & Girls
7. My Bloody Valentine
8. Hold On
9. Riot Girl
10. Say Anything
11. Day That I Die, The
12. Young & The Hopeless, The
13. Emotionless
14. Movin' On

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. The Anthem
2. Lifestyles
3. Hold On

1.25 out of 5 stars


  1. i am sorry you had to suffer through this, but it has to have been better than kedollarsignha.

    but i will take the song 'boys & girls,' that one's alright.

    lifestyles of rich & famous makes me want to kill puppies.

  2. I suppose it was better - but not by a whole lot.

    That one didn't stick with me very much. I had to put 'Lifestyles' up there just because it's so bad. I figure, most people are going to listen to the album for that one track - so why not torture the ones who actually have music tastes.