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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jennifer Lopez - J.Lo

I was strumming through my music collection recently, and I noticed an old copy of 'I'm Real' - the one featuring Ja Rule. It reminded me of a time in my life when I found pop/rap collaborations acceptable, where now very few get my heart pumping. I'm not sure at this point I need to talk too much about Jennifer Lopez. I'm guessing most people know her story - her background and what she's up to today. I think she does a nice job on American Idol, and it would surprise me if she didn't come back for the 97th season of that program. The one current thing I'll comment on, is she's absolutely smoking hot for a woman in her forties. Time has been very, very kind to miss Lopez. At the point when this record dropped (2001) she also had been the star of a film called 'The Wedding Planner'. She was the first person to have a number one movie and a number one record in the same week. I'm not sure if it's happened since either. Maybe Eminem with 8 Mile or something. Regardless, Lopez dropped an album just a couple months ago, that got murdered by the critics. And pretty much unanimously too, which is rare. According to sales, J-Lo hit her peak with this album, selling 8 million worldwide and 4 of those here in the states. Nothing she's done since has come even close. Even this record as a whole, isn't particularly amazing. While I'll concur it's probably her best record, it's 16 tracks with only a handful being worth while. And it's not a cultural thing either since a lot of her songs here have a heavy Hispanic influence. Most of the people I know of her decent do not care for her music period. She's still Jennie from the block, still making sub par to bad music. I'd say her acting was so much better, but the only movie I enjoyed that had her in it was 'The Cell'. Yeah, instead of telling you to listen to this today, I'll tell you to watch The Cell. Fantastically twisted movie. And hey, it's still promoting J.Lo, so she can't be mad at me.

1. Love Don't Cost a Thing
2. I'm Real
3. Play
4. Walking On Sunshine
5. Ain't It Funny
6. Carino
7. Come Over
8. We Gotta Talk
9. That's Not Me0 . Dance With Me
11. Secretly
12. I'm Gonna Be Alright
13. That's the Way
14. Dame (Touch Me)
15. Si Ya Se Acab¢
16. I'm Real [Murder Remix]

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. I'm Real (Remix)
2. Ain't It Funny
3. Play

2.5 out of 5 stars


  1. "I'd say her acting was so much better, but the only movie I enjoyed that had her in it was 'The Cell'."
    Obviously you haven't seen 'Selena'! Great film and great outfits!

  2. I know this is terrible, but I've still never seen that movie! I've heard really good things, but I never got around to it. Obviously she did a tremendous job in it, as it really launched her career - both in music and film.

    Maybe one of these days I'll check it out. But watch the Cell too! It's a pretty solid movie.

  3. i liked the wedding planner actually, but haven't seen the cell. ill put it in my netflix. and my favorite jlo song - 'aint it funny' remix because the song starts out with ja rule yelling 'IT... MUST... BE THE AAAAASS!' plus it borrows the music from craig mack's 'flava in ya ear' and i love that one.

    most hilarious j lo song - jenny from the block.

    but i actually think 'get right' from some more recent album is really good and i love the video.

    what was the song she did with my husband LL cool J?

  4. Yeah, I'm not sure why that wasn't on this album. I actually don't mind that track either.

    Do watch 'The Cell''s a little messed up. So hopefully you're okay with that.

    Haven't heard any recent stuff, so I couldn't comment.

    I strongly dislike LL. But I'll look it up sometime.