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Friday, June 10, 2011

Eddie Vedder - Ukulele Songs

I made a comment about this one a couple weeks back now. Mainly just that it intruiged me beyond my wildest dreams. Sure I'm not a huge fan of Pearl Jam - but typically I find Vedder's solo stuff pretty refreshing and fun to listen to. And add a ukulele to that? Could be straight up gold! Interesting little artwork tidbit - the cover art features a photograph of the sculptural work "The Lost Correspondent" by Jason deCaires Taylor. The sculpture is underwater with many others at a dive site called Moliniere Bay - Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada. This is an album of cover tracks and original Vedder written material. It's a very short album, checking in at a mere 30 mins. But I really like the concept. I like that while Vedder is still very much a part of Pearl Jam, he's going outside the box to create a piece like this. In fact, Pearl Jam is making a return to the illustrious Alpine Valley Amphitheater in East Troy, Wisconsin this year. It sounds like it's a multiple day thing, and passes are quite expensive. Vedder did a solo tour back in 2008, where a couple of these tracks were unveiled. Apparently the response was so positive, that he decided to drop an entire record. While the originality of this album is off the scale, it's all very redundant. I want to give this high marks just because of how refreshing and different it is, when you get into it - it's very short, but all so the same. It's fairly hard to make the ukulele sound different over 16 tracks. Which is probably why individually they're so short. I'm going to go in the middle on this, but tell you it's still worth investigating. I mean, it's a ukulele for gosh sake! How often do you get to hear it?

1. Can't Keep
2. Sleeping By Myself
3. Without You
4. More Than You Know
5. Goodbye
6. Broken Heart
7. Satellite
8. Longing To Belong
9. Hey Fahkah
10. You're True
11. Light Today
12. Sleepless Nights
13. Once in a While
14. Waving Palms
15. Tonight You Belong To Me
16. Dream a Little Dream

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. Dream A Little Dream
2. Tonight You Belong To Me
3. Goodbye

3.25 out of 5 stars

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