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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chris Young - The Man I Want To Be

Well hello there Wednesday. You've snuck up on me! It feels like Tuesday, but here we are, mid week. Checking my review sheet, it seems I need to get a knee-slappin' country review in today, and where better to look than my good pal JenInTosa. She recommended I give a peek to Chris Young, who obviously isn't as popular as the baseball player with the same name - since he comes up first in my Google search. Alas, we move forward. He's got a new album dropping in July of this year, so I'm going to fall back to his most recent release, which was this album in 2009. Chris was born in 1985 in Tennessee. Seems like all the big country acts grow up in the south. I know it makes sense, it just seems odd. Anyhow, he competed on the 'Idol' type show for country music - called Nashville Star. After winning, he was signed to RCA Records, where he dropped his first album. His debut drop didn't sell particularly well, but it was mainly praised by critics and country fans. This here album produced four radio play singles, but still couldn't really break through sales wise. To this day, it's sold under 500k copies, which isn't a really solid performance. In my completely uneducated country opinion, this is classic country music. It's not at all the newer "pop" or "contemporary" country music you're hearing, which is probably more popular. This is more of a throwback to strumming guitars, singing about your life experiences and problems. This is more what I look for in my kind of country music. I won't say this guy is doing it better than anyone else out there, but this is a solid record. Give it a whirl today. Listen to this album while watching Chris Young (baseball player) highlights. Wait, that might destroy the time-space continuum. Nevermind.

1. That Makes Me
2. Voices
3. Dashboard, The
4. Gettin' You Home
5. It Takes a Man
6. Shoebox, The
7. Rose in Paradise
8. Twenty-One Candles
9. Man I Want to Be, The
10. Rainy Night in Georgia

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Rose In Paradise
2. Voices
3. Gettin' You Home

3.5 out of 5 stars

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