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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

George Clinton - Computer Games

Classic music can be of pretty much any genre. Normally I run with more classic rock type acts, but every so often, a genre bending act slips in there. Today is one of those days. George Clinton is mainly a funk all star, and of of the founders of the craft. Follower peterman asked that I do a greatest hits album by him, but he knows better. I always do the individual records first. It's cleaner that way. And on a quick side note, I had to review this particular record because of the track 'Atomic Dog'. Why you may ask? Well, it's no secret that I love sports, and I love the Green Bay Packers. Back in the day on radio station 102.9 in Milwaukee, the morning show guys Bob and Brian would interview Santana Dotson. And 'Atomic Dog' was his theme song coming on every week. And beyond that, it's simply a great song. George was born in New Jersey in 1941. He started his musical career by being in different funk bands - Parliament and Funkadelic. None of his band stuff sold overly well, so it was a bit of a flyer when he wanted to go solo. And I should make one thing really clear, it wasn't that people didn't like his music, or feel he wasn't great at what he did. I simply think by the time the 80's rolled around, the funk revolution was pretty well over. People were getting more and more into the rock music again, with your big hair bands and your Metallica's and Van Halen's. Regardless, Capitol Records picked him up, and this was his first ever solo drop. This came out in 1982 amidst great financial problems for Clinton. And although this temporarily relieved those problems, they only came right back years later. This is certainly funk music, and it's pretty well done. It stays true to that period, even though this certainly wasn't "cool" in the mid 80's anymore. It's not amazing, but I respect the music and what P-Funk was doing. Just for reference purposes, this is well worth checking out.

1. Get Dressed
2. Man's Best Friend/Loopzilla
3. Pot Sharing Tots
4. Computer Games
5. Atomic Dog
6. Free Alterations
7. One Fun At A Time

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Atomic Dog
2. Loopzilla
3. Computer Games

4 out of 5 stars


  1. You dagone right it's worth checking out. Parliament Funkadelic is something my mom will blast to this day with absolute no hesitation. She got a CD in the car now with some songs from that period. I love the stuff. That entire funk period is something great.

    I'll tell ya another good funk piece to check out from G. Clinton and the Parliament: "A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop". Yes that is really the title of the song. It sounds good too.

    Nice review.

  2. Gotta respect old school funk music. If we're talking anything he touches, his collabo with Ice Cube in the 90's 'Bop Gun' was flat out awesome. One of my favorite Cube songs ever.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. owning no george clinton, i think i'll listen to some parliament this morning. yes.

  4. janis! is back! Hooray!

    Can't go wrong with Clinton based funk. Always soothes the soul.