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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Third Eye Blind - Self Titled

Thursday arrives in style today with a little Third Eye Blind. And it comes as a Suggestion Box entry from follower peterman. These guys come from San Francisco, California and started making music in 1993 or so. There is a nerdy story as to how the name came about - but The B Side doesn't condone nerdery in the music business, so I'll elect not to share that one. What is kind of cool, is when they were first getting started - they'd play smaller local shows and use pinatas. Yep, right over the mosh pits. So you'd be banging around with your friends and strangers then get showered with candy. Except one night, when the band knew some record execs were in to see if they were signable, they filled the pinata with live crickets instead of candy. Funny - but kind of gross at the same time. When this record dropped in 1997, it sure looked like TEB was going to be the next biggest thing in the music industry. The album today is sitting out there at a raucous 6x platinum, which is a sick selling debut drop. Since this release, TEB has pretty much not been heard from. They went through some line up changes and have dropped a mere 3 records since 1997. None of them coming anywhere near the popularity of this one. Since it's my blog, I'll tell you my opinion of this one. It's garbage. Straight up garbage. Sure, some of the music is catchy and you may want to sing along. But lyrically, arrangement wise, there is nothing of substance. As I listen to this 15 years later, it certainly doesn't stand the test of time. It's just another band that struck it big because of a couple of singles, but then were exposed for their lack of real talent as time went on. Sorry TEB fans, but your band is a sham. Happy Thursday!

1. Losing a Whole Year
2. Narcolepsy
3. Semi-Charmed Life
4. Jumper
5. Graduate
6. How's It Going to Be
7. Thanks a Lot
8. Burning Man
9. Good for You
10. London
11. I Want You
12. Background, The
13. Motorcycle Drive By
14. God of Wine

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Losing A Whole Year
2. Jumper
3. How's It Going To Be

1.75 out of 5 stars


  1. let me tell you. there is another music website i peruse, only because i used to listen to that genre a lot - now i just scroll through the updates until i find something i recognize as i could care less about the genre now. but i digress. so when this band was either touring or putting out another album last year or something, the people on that forum were going batshit crazy about how awesome and profound and influential third eye blind.

    i didnt understand it. still dont. i saw them tour with smashmouth when both bands put out their first albums. smashmouth was a ska band largely then and they were awesome. third eye blind was good too. i have no desire to listen to anything else by either of these bands. but i do think that the cover of 'train in vain' that third eye blind does on the clash tribute album is great. actually that whole tribute album is. i think it's going in your suggestion box.

  2. How dare you type in another web page on this site??? Just kidding, I've even scrolled through that site a couple of times. Not a ton of content for me there.

    I also do not get it. While I'll fully admit they have a couple good songs here and there, largely they are total garbage. In my opinion of course. I just feel they became cool because 90's "alt" music was so huge. Probably one of the biggest times in music overall. I mean, more people seemed to be "tuned in" in the mid 90's to music than now. I hear so many people nowadays that simply don't listen to music. You didn't seem to have that 2 decades ago.

    Anyway, they were popular because listening to music was cool, and listening to the radio was cool and enjoying music was a thing to do. If you stack their music up against virtually any other band from the era, it's just flat out bad.

    Sorry, off my soapbox.

  3. whatever, you're totally enabling the crap of today - i saw that kedollarsignha had a 'song of the moment' down below.


  4.'re the 2nd person to give me crap about that.

    It's seriously not easy just coming up with a great, profound song that isn't something I reviewed recently. It's literally the song that I heard last most days.

    And I don't say to listen to it...just that it's there. Make your own judgment.