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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Above And Beyond - Anjunabeats Volume 8

It's Tuesday which can only mean two things, Techno Tuesday or New Music Tuesday is on the horizon. Wait, or both! That's living the dream right there. Scanning through my dance music catalog, I stumbled back upon Above and Beyond. These guys are a British/Finnish trance group that formed in 2000 or so. Early in their careers, they focused on production remixes. If you didn't know, that's a pretty easy/good way to get some recognition in the industry. Do some sick remixes of songs that were already huge - get them played in the clubs and spread the word. These guys have a list of remixes that is about 10 miles long. None are super huge tracks that you've probably heard of - but an impressive list nonetheless. If you didn't notice, this is volume eight of Anjunabeats. I have no clue what that word means, but I can tell you that there are ten volumes in total. They started in 2003 and dropped basically one a year until today. These I guess are considered 'compilation' albums as I assume they are working with other artists to put out some sick product. They do have a few solo studio releases, with one set to drop sometime in the first half of 2011. This album is DEEP. 24 tracks of dance the night away goodness. You can go pick it up from Best Buy for around 13 bucks. Not bad given the sheer volume of music. It's pretty cool to drop albums that you work with other DJ's, and help them get noticed too. So 1/2 a point higher because I like the concept. It's really good regardless of that though, and you beatnuts should give it a go.

1. Alquimia
2. Stranded in NYC
3. Let Go
4. Chordplay
5. Keyboard Cowboys
6. Anphonic
7. Rush
8. Chasing Love
9. Black Is the New Yellow
10. From the Earth
11. 90 Nights of Summer
12. On a Good Day (Metropolis)
13. Seven Years
14. Piece of Me
15. Farewell, A (Intro Edit)
16. Taxi Driver, The
17. Wonder, The
18. Sushi
19. Live Forever
20. We Are
21. Thing Called Love
22. Larry Mountains 54
23. Altara
24. Forgive Me
25. Mercy
26. Alt+F4
27. Dreamcatcher
28. Sky Falls Away

Listen To Samples

Top 3 Tracks:
1. A Farewell
2. Anaphonic
3. Live Forever

4 out of 5 stars

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