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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ari Hest - Break-In

After digging out of the disgusting amounts of snow yesterday, 'mood' music seems more than appropriate for this melancholy return to the office. It's kind of nice not to be snowbound anymore, but going back to work isn't exactly what I'd like to be doing. Regardless, Ari Hest. I tuned myself into him around 2004 or so. I really like his style. He started making music in 1999 or so, after spending his childhood growing up in the Bronx. Turns out his life goal was to be a professional baseball player, and played all throughout high school. But at a young age, he also was big into music. He played piano and guitar before hitting the teenage years. This particular album came out in 2007. There isn't a lot of info about his stuff out there, as he's pretty indie. But it doesn't look like any of his records ever charted. That's not too surprising, since I don't know too many people that would even recognize his name. He's got a very acoustic quality to his music. He can sit back, strum a guitar and do a nice vocal over the top, and it's simply grabbing. Like you can't possibly turn it off. It's just too pleasing to the ears. Looks like he's got another album coming out next month - which is over 10 albums for him in a career. Nuts. I only know this one and one other. I need to get better versed. But today, I'd like you guys to be singularly versed in one album. Check it out!

1. When and If
2. Bird Never Flies
3. Leaving Her Alone
4. So Slow
5. When to Quit
6. Right of Way
7. Break-In, The
8. Big Ben
9. Just as Well
10. I've Got You

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. When And If
2. The Break-In
3. I've Got You

3.75 out of 5 stars

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