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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sara Evans - Born To Fly

Back to being Monday. I had a long weekend celebrating my year of music reviewing and blogging. Okay, so I didn't really celebrate at all - but still. Fun to say. It's country day again on the B Side - and another artist suggestion from JenInTosa. I decided to go with this Sara Evans album since it was her best selling - but this is yet another country artist that I had not heard of before. Evans was born in 1971 in New Franklin, Missouri. As a child, she grew up on a farm with seven brothers and sisters. When she was five, she started to sing in her family's band. At eight years old, she was struck by a car and suffered multiple fractures to her legs. She was stuck in a wheelchair for quite a while, and used singing at different gigs to help her family pay for the medical bills. She got a gig at a local nightclub that lasted two full years. She moved to country mecca Nashville at 20 where she met her husband. They decided to move to Oregon for some reason, only to return back to Nashville where she'd be signed by RCA Nashville. She was divorced in 2006 and it was VERY messy. The husband claimed she literally slept with half of the music business. I mean, actually claimed this. 4/5 members of 3 Doors Down, Kenny Chesney, Richard Marx - it's crazy. She ended up having to pay him 500k over two years in alimony and got sued by her ex-nanny for 3 million over defamation. Had to pay her 500k also in the end. Just nasty. Anyway, she's remarried now - and seems to be on a different path. It's fairly ironic that I just happened to choose her today, as she's got an album due out next week. This one came out in 2000 and is 2x platinum in the US. I think this is a really solid album. It's contemporary country, but not in the same Taylor Swift sense. I want to listen to another album by her, especially one after the divorce. Sounds nasty, but artists seem to be most "real" when they've gone through tragedy like that - and that usually makes for great music. Anyway, check this out. I think it's a nice country record.

1. Born to Fly
2. Saints & Angels
3. I Could Not Ask for More
4. I Keep Looking
5. I Learned That from You
6. Let's Dance
7. Why Should I Care
8. Four-Thirty
9. Show Me the Way to Your Heart
10. You Don't
11. Every Little Kiss

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Why Should I Care
2. I Learned That From You
3. Saints And Angels

3.25 out of 5 stars

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