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Friday, February 4, 2011

B Side Presents, "Friday Gut Check - Wake Up Little Suzy"

All the time I talk about music setting a tone for your life. How your life can be impacted and how it can change the very fiber of your being - because it's so mood impacting. Well - what better way to dictate your pace than to set it up based on how you wake up? Follower Digger asked that I create a Top 5 songs to wake up to. What a brilliant idea!! I've thought about this exactly zero times in the past - so this list is fairly off the top of my head. For that I apologize, but it's still gonna be fun!

I do have one caveat for myself - I want my songs to cheesily either have titles that relate to 'getting up', 'waking up', 'the morning' or 'things you do in the morning'. I could hit up my mood list and come up with 1,000 different relaxing, wakes you up gently type tracks. This will be more corny - which is right up my alley.

So I'm basically only listening to the first 20 seconds or so. I'm not a sleep-past-the-initial-beep kind of guy. So getting one minute in wouldn't do me much good. Here are my top 5 - as always - in reverse order. Enjoy!

5. Wake Up - Arcade Fire: Pretty groovy, funky guitar riff to open it up. That's probably all I'd get to upon my awakening. But if you do make it about 20 seconds in - you get the nice chorus of "oh's" which is nice. Then the lyrics are very soothing, not jarring. This would be a nice way to start the day.


4. Alive - Pearl Jam: Twice in a month? I know, I know - for someone that doesn't like Pearl Jam, I sure point out their tracks a lot. But come on! The song is not only called Alive, it's got that great opening riff! And like I said before, what a great message to get going - "I'm still alive". Be thankful everyday you are...even when things are bad, they can always turn around.


3. Wake Up And Live - Bob Marley: YES! Starts out with the countdown - which is pretty cool - then you get BLASTED by the sweet horns - THEN - you get the WAKE UP - WAKE UP AND LIVE commands from Mr. Marley! How awesome is that? I'm pretty sure I could listen to this song everyday, and finally I had the right forum to share it with you guys. I'm proud of myself.

Listen - I can't find the real version - only live ones. Check this one on your own!

2. The National Anthem - Radiohead: Every morning you should wake up, and say the national anthem. Just like we did in grade school. Except, play along and sing along to Radiohead's version. What a SICK opening riff. Another bass guitar style riff that just explodes in your face. Takes a while to get into the lyrics - but that's fine. Just this riff alone would be a great, uplifting way to start your day.


1. Good Morning - Kanye West: Okay, so I'll admit, I've actually waken myself up to this a few times in my life. You get the great base line, a little Kanye ad lib and then you get the "GOOD MORNIN'". Then the similar chorus of "oh's". Just overall, a nice gentle wake up and then once you realize you're up, you're going to want to rap along with the lyrics. So it's a win-win.


What would you choose to wake up to? Even if they didn't have cheesy titles like mine. Give me your 5!

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