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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BT - These Hopeful Machines

Techno Tuesday is SO much fun. I think I've mentioned that I've been seriously rekindling my love of dance/techno lately, and it's been great. Work goes by so much faster when I can toss on this fast paced style of tuneage. I guess this is kind of blending in with my grammy noms from yesterday - since BT was nominated under the 'Best Electronic/Dance Album' category. A while back Ashley had asked how I learn about new DJ's and these type of artists, and this is really it. Just looking into grammy awards, word of mouth, random stumbling. There isn't a science to it. I think unless you're a DJ or you really hit the club scene hard, it's not easy to follow this genre. Regardless, this cat is named Brian Transeau and he's from Rockville, Maryland. BT started making music in the early 90's. And he thought it was all just for funsies. He was stunned to find out guys like Paul Oakenfold were spinning his albums across the pond and the crowds were really responding. He eventually flew over to see for himself, and was quite pleased. What's a little different about him - is he isn't a DJ and wouldn't claim to be one. He played in punk bands before this and didn't really have any idea what this path was all about. And yet you've got a guy who's grammy nominated, has produced for some of the hottest acts in the biz, has a Guinness World Record for most edits in one song and has his own patented style called 'stutter editing'. Not bad for a punk rock guy. Check out his MANY works in film and video games too. They're plentiful. No shock here, but I like this. Got a great feel to it and something I want to get more familiar with. Happy Tuesday!

1. Suddenly
2. Emergency, The
3. Every Other Way
4. Light in Things, The
5. Rose of Jericho
6. Forget Me
7. Million Stars, A
8. Love Can Kill You
9. Always
10. Nocturne de Lumi¿re, Le
11. Unbreakable, The
12. Ghost in You, The

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Suddenly
2. Rose Of Jericho
3. The Emergency

3 out of 5 stars


  1. i seem to recall he 'spins' on a mac, too. i feel like my mac-nerd college roommate informed me of that. (this was before i fell in love with my own mac.)

    i saw him with the crystal method a few years ago at summerfest. i wish the show had stood out more to me. but really, how am i going to remember BT after the crystal method, come on.

  2. Crystal Method is amazing. I wouldn't remember anything else about that show either.

    I missed the Deadmau5 show last time he was here. If he comes back, we're going. FYI.