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Monday, February 21, 2011

Soulja Boy - The DeAndre Way

How many of my active readers enjoy hip hop music? It doesn't seem like a ton of you guys are big into the new stuff in the genre. I only know of a couple people who actively listen - but maybe it's more. If there are, I apologize for the back to back Soulja Boy reviews, but follower Ashley asked that I get to this one after I did his debut drop a couple weeks back. She asked what I thought of this album in general, and the latest single 'Speakers Going Hammer'. First and foremost, I don't like to really rag on an artist or a genre in general. I try to maintain perspective and an open mind on any review I do. But this music - I simply don't get it. I love rap. Love it. I don't know who this album appeals to. Now, in terms of flow and lyrics, this record is a big step up from previous Soulja Boy works, but it's not quite at a level where you'd expect die hards to love it, and it lost that 'dance' appeal that his big drops had. And perhaps what's most telling, the album where he flows his hardest is called 'Grammy' which come that really a direct appeal to the committee? And I don't mean to sound like this old curmudgeon who always thinks the old stuff was better. That isn't always the case. But when your first track is called, 'First Day Of School' - I think that shows who this album is targeting. It certainly isn't me, as the closest I've been to any sort of school is inching closer and closer to a decade ago. In terms of the 'hits', they're not great either. 'Pretty Boy Swag' is just a slowed down speaking track, in which he sounds like he's out of breath or has severe asthma or something. 'Speakers Going Hammer' is another basically spoken word rap, which I guess a decent beat. But the siren sound annoys me, and the lyrics are fairly awful. Although this is an upgrade from the others, this isn't there. DeAndre proclaimed this would be "the biggest album of his career'. Well, let's hope not.

1. First Day of School
2. Touchdown
3. Hey Cutie
4. Speakers Going Hammer
5. Pretty Boy Swag
6. 30 Thousand 100 Million
7. Mean Mug
8. Blowing Me Kisses
9. Fly
10. Grammy
11. Steez
12. Boom
13. Do It Big
14. Xtra

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Grammy
2. Pretty Boy Swag
3. Speakers Going Hammer

2.75 out of 5 stars


  1. Here's what I think:

    I know nothing about this man. Were it not for the fact that he titled this release "Soulja Boy: The DeAndre Way" I wouldn't have even known his name. Like you I don't like to continuously rag on anyone, I just truly believe he has more to him than being a trend. Yea, lyrically he steps up a bit. A co-worker of mine told me that on 'Pretty Boy Swag' he sounded like the boy with asthma on 'Malcom In The Middle'

    I think about it this way too. Everyone wants to make $$$. I credit him on putting out something trendy to get some paper. I feel it's just a fad though. Nothing to be savored.

    Hmm. I don't know

  2. I agree. Which makes me not only not want to listen to this, but also lose respect for him. I mean, if it's just about the money - why respect his music? It's just something that's cool until the next dance track hits.

    Maybe he'll make better music sometime...but I'm not holding my breath.

  3. Ya know, my opinion of Soulja goes back and forth very often.

    I can say with all honesty that I respect him. I really do. I can't knock anyone for makin' their money. The few comments that I've made on here about him in the past make me feel hypocritical because in the same token, I'll rock with what he puts out. I'll go back to "Crank That" and loose my head jammin' to it. I'll listen to something like "Yahhhh!!" and bump it like there's no tomorrow.

    I suppose I sound like a broken record, but what irks me is too much of the same thing at one point you know what I'm sayin'? At the end of the day what's gonna happen will happen, IDK. I respect him though.

  4. You gotta make your money, but you should be proud of what you put out at the end of the day. Your music is supposed to be a reflection of yourself and what you love to hear.

    If Soulja Boy listens to his stuff and thinks this is his best foot forward, then I'm all for it. It's not music that I'd choose to spend my hard earned money on, but hey - that's just me.

    Respect is a tough thing when you don't really know someone. I don't respect the party rap game, and I probably never will.