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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hawk Nelson - Crazy Love

New Music Tuesday can be a cruel mistress. I don't ever look in advance what is coming when I look at everything to come out in a week - I can get excited about listening to a new album. Then BAM! I can't. No site carries the album yet. That happened today with Motorhead's new release. So I randomly picked this Hawk Nelson guy. Which it turns out isn't a guy - it's a Christian rock band from Ontario, Canada. Who knew? These guys have been around since 2003 or so - can't say that I'd ever heard of them before. They've seen some success in pop culture. They portrayed 'The Who' on and episode of the NBC program - 'American Dreams'. They also had a song that was used by NBC's Sunday Night Football. They haven't seen any big time sales to this point. The highest any album of theirs has peaked is 34th on the US charts. They apparently have a US Christian category too - which was oddly just called 'US Christ'. Seems strange. But they had an album go number 1 on that chart. These fellas have a very punk rock feel. I mean, without the dirty lyrics - but if you shut your eyes and just listened, they have a very Blink 182 type of sound. Kind of that pop-punk record like Enema of the State was. I can't say I payed super close attention to the lyrics, but there is a lot of religious endorsements. So if that's your style, this is right in your wheel house. Even if you like punk, you might enjoy this. Enjoy!

1. Tally-Ho
2. Your Love is a Mystery
3. Crazy Love
4. My Next Breath
5. We're Alright
6. Skeleton
7. We Can Change the World
8. One Shot
9. Fraud
10. Joanna
11. Lax
12. Done Holding On
13. Thanks For the Beautiful Memories

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Your Love Is A Mystery
2. Crazy Love
3. Skeleton

3.25 out of 5 stars

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