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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Candlebox - Self Titled

Ahh yes, 1993. I was still in the single digits and just really starting to listen to music. You know, not in the literal sense of it hitting my ears - but really listening and letting music make impressions on me. Candlebox was a band that you couldn't seemingly get enough of back then. You had the hardcore rocking style, then a nice ballad that made you think shortly thereafter. But I'm getting ahead of myself bit - let's toss some history in here. These gents formed in Seattle, Washington in the very early 90's. Now everyone knows what was happening in Seattle at that time...yeah, grunge music. There is no doubt looking at the album cover that Candlebox wasn't trying to be a part of that movement. They were part of Maverick Records which was owned by Madonna. Yep - the Madonna. It was her first major hit on the label - which ended up also signing Alanis Morissette, Deftones and Prodigy. Candlebox really helped that label to shoot up the charts. But the label ended up going south. Candlebox was released from their contract with the label in 2000 or so, and they decided to call it quits. They did get back together in 2006, and still do shows around the US today. I'm not sure if any of their more current stuff is worth while, but it very well could be. There isn't anything about this record you shouldn't like. Alt rock, grunge, contemporary rock - it has everything. And it's stood the test of time. I really enjoyed listening to it again this morning. Don't be left far behind, take a listen today.

1. Don't You
2. Change
3. You
4. No Sense
5. Far Behind
6. Blossom
7. Arrow
8. Rain
9. Mother's Dream
10. Cover Me
11. He Calls Home

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Far Behind
2. You
3. Cover Me

3.75 out of 5 stars

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