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Friday, March 4, 2011

B Side Presents, "Friday Gut Check - X Rated"

The other day I commented how this blog has for the most part been family friendly. While I don't intend to really become full of curse words and x rated materials, I do recognize that some people enjoy more adult lyrical content. Personally, I'm by no means a prude or anything - but a lot of those types of songs make me generally uncomfortable. Now, most tracks are pretty tame and don't effect me in the slightest - for example, any of the tracks by the very sexy Nicki Minaj pictured above. In fact, the whole Young Money camp has done fairly risque tracks like 'Every Girl', 'Lollipop' and 'Best I Ever Had'. But those are all PG x-rated tracks. I know that's an oxymoron, but it happens.

Here is a list of my Top 5 songs that I generally can't listen to. At least not on any sort of regular basis. And if you're a parent and you see this song on an iPod - and let's say your kid is under 12 - you may want to dig into their personal lives a bit. Just sayin'. ENJOY!

5. How Many Licks - Lil' Kim: Of course she had to be on this list. She's the queen of female based dirty lyrics. This is probably the one she's best known for too. There are so many things she says in this songs that would make the hardest grown man blush like a little girl. This song was also reasonably popular, which blows my mind a bit. Good beat though, and is there anyone more irrelevant now than Sisqo??

4. Wait (The Whisper Song) - Ying Yang Twins: In item one of two that has top 10 beats of all time, this song from that standpoint is sick. Another rapper should really sample this beat and drop something amazing over it. What makes me think this song is so funny, is would that ever really work? I mean if a guy whispered "wait 'till you see my d**k" in a girls ear, they become smitten? I HIGHLY doubt it.

3. Pop That P***y - 2 Live Crew: The original on the list. There was probably never a song more controversial ever than this. It was banned in the USA and the group became social pariahs because of it. I was a little kid when this came out and couldn't comprehend why it was so bad. My older sister had the tape and used to run around the house singing this track. Funny in retrospect.

2. My Neck, My Back - Khia: Wow. I didn't even want to put this song on my list. It's basically impossible to listen to. I really want to find one person who hears this song and thinks, "That's my jam!!!" It's just....uhhh, no words can describe it. And by the way if you're keeping score at home, Khia is NOT Lil' Kim. Look up a photo sometime.

1. Play - David Banner: I only really put this number one because I WANT to listen to this more because the beat is just amazing. Really, really amazing. But I can't. I can't even imagine putting this on in the car given the lyrics and maybe rolling up to a grandmother driving next to me. I'd feel terrible. There is an edited version that isn't dirty - but that's like cheating. I sit through it just to get the beat.

I had a couple others that didn't make the list...and maybe you guys never even thought about this before. But hey, don't judge. =)



  1. B Side, I'm feeling where your coming from on this one. Ohh yes, I've thought about this plenty of times.

    I don't know if you recall the comment I made on one of your posts regarding this very thing, but I'll sum it up. Basically I mentioned that I was at my cousins house, listening to some music with him while he was on the computer. One particular song came on his playlist that was TOO MUCH. It was saying suck my d**k and I'll eat your p***y. We can f**k. I was saying in my head, "OK, I'm done". I just had to tune it out somehow. Its funny though because there IS a market for that type of music; for those that don't mind inhaling it. I'm all for an artist speaking their mind and saying whats upstairs. I can listen to some things that don't bother me a bit, or at least not much. I may sound hypocritical, but I think that a tone of discretion should be in effect as well.

    CENSORSHIP. I believe that to be THE, if not one of the primary back and forth arguments in the 30 some year life of rap/hip hop which seems to be the stirring pot. Many listeners and artists feel censoring to be a major pet peeve while others gladly accept it. I see a constant battle between the whole freedom of speech thing and what then becomes a bit much. Many will say, "Well, you don't have to look", or "You don't have to listen".

    I don't know B-Side. You know I've said plenty of times that I looovveee a nice beat. Lately its getting to where all I can take is the instrumental.

    █ I'm loving this. And yes I will enjoy the weekend. Tonight me and mom are watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars!!!█

  2. I'm all for these artists being themselves and making this kind of music. Part of the reason why I posted this last week, was I do know people that really enjoy this style of tuneage. It's not generally for me, but as an adult, I can handle it and not bag on it too much.

    I love Lil Kim. I think her versus revolutionized hip hop for the better in the 90's. Hearing her tear down some tracks with her dirty lyrics - you just knew she was secure and would battle any male emcee in the mic. I still admire that.

    But tracks like Khia, or even 2 Live Crew - I think the novelty of it wears off and it's just bad music. Play and Whisper Song are both really sick beats that make you want to listen more and more. And that's what music is all about I suppose.