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Friday, March 25, 2011

Rant #15 - "Trippin' Down The Freeway"

I had to insert a photo of my car for you guys. Just so you all know how I roll down the street listening to my tuneage. =)

Last week, as you guys most likely read, I was in Colorado. And I made the arduous 13 hour drive out there in lieu of flying. I LOVE road trips, so the time doesn't bother me in the slightest. But I admit, driving through Nebraska can get a little taxing, especially if you're overly tired. But there is one saving grace B Siders...MUSIC of course!!

I drove out with two of my friends, who I didn't really know a ton about their music tastes. Now if it were just me, I'd listen to a lot of upbeat hip hop and other stuff in general that I can sing along to. That really wasn't the case with them though. One sat in the back and didn't really have anything in terms of requests or things she wanted to hear. The other LOVED techno/dance music. We must have listened to a certain Deadmau5 track a dozen times that he really enjoyed. Is that what I'd have picked given I was alone or with other people? Probably not. Did I mind it? Certainly not.

It's really quite amazing when you think about it. Any kind of music can really bring people together and make something that seemingly lasts forever go by reasonably fast. Which is awesome. There has to be some sort of line in the sand in terms of listening to stuff that people hate...but that's not too hard to do. I wouldn't want to listen to 13 hours Jack Johnson or Coldplay - but you get the idea. Road trips really are what you make of them. And if you go into it with the attitude of, "ugh, this is going to be long, boring and stupid" - no amount of music is probably going to make up for your issues with being there. But the magic is when you crank up 'Hold My Hand' by Hootie and the Blowfish, and the entire car is just rockin' along - grooving to the beat and singing along at their loudest effort. That's when road trips become what they should be...magical journey's across our beautiful nation.

Some day I'll give you my Top 5 road trippin' songs. And I think that's something everyone can chime in on. Who hasn't had a great experience behind the wheel, navigating 10 hours or more? One day B day.



    Love that setup. Apparently, you think like me: I LOVE BASS, plain and simple. Ahhh, beautiful.

    I know what you mean regarding a fairly long trip. Seems like every time me and my family take a long drive, they play the same music over and over again. They're kind of stuck in a singular "lane" so to speak. I mean, I can't tell someone what to listen to in their own car but some variety would be nice. If I have to listen to Jerald Levert and country music one more time I'm gonna flip.

    But, me and my mom are different story. She lets me pick something else if I want to. To her defense, I typically love her selections anyway. She's a old-school, Motown, 70's,80's woman and it's grown on me for sure.

    Like you said, it depends on your mood and outlook going into the whole thing. My attitude is typically a good one. I hope it never changes, but one can only hope.

  2. I really do my best to mix it up. Rap, Classic Rock, Alt Rock, Techno...pretty much anything that's remotely upbeat and that has lyrics I can belt out as loud as I can. And yes, I'm a big singer!

    My attitude is always pretty great on road trips. Especially when the music is good. Glad to hear others share my affection for long roadies!