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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

B Side Presents, "The 500 Club"

It's another nice accomplishment for the B Side this morning. This is our 500th post! Now, it's 500 posts and not actual reviews - I just want to make that clear. Right now I'm sitting on 437 albums reviewed - so that 500 mark will be coming up in around a couple months as well. All in due time.

I wasn't really sure, and am still not sure how to celebrate it. I wrote something up for our 1 year anniversary last week, and I said a lot of the things I could have said in this post. Maybe I'll just share some fun tidbits with you guys, that have accumulated over the year - and the 500 posts.

There are a TON of artists who I've reviewed two albums in their discography thus far. More than two? Well, only two bands have that distinction. Weezer being number uno. Blue Album, Red Album, Hurley and Death To False Metal. One of their album got a perfect score. All of them were over 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Next highest? One band has gotten three reviews - the Eels. Tomorrow Morning, Hombre Lobo and Beautiful Freak. All of their albums have gotten over 4 stars.

The dubious 5+ rating has been given out just three times. Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon; Led Zeppelin - IV and Lynyrd Skynyrd - Self Titled. There have been plenty more 5 out of 5's - too many to list.

Call me a prophet - Grammy leader Lady Antebellum was the first country album I gave more than 4 stars to.

There have been 14 rants posted...the first being of course, about how I hate the radio.

4 posts discuss live shows that I attended. Half of them involved Stone Temple Pilots. One involved a tribute to Jimi Hendrix and the other was of course, the Eels.

The B Sides Top 100 songs of the 90's leads the pack with 19 comments. There are quite a few more with 10 plus.

Christina Aguilera's 'Bionic' is the lowest rated album with .25 stars. Ke$ha got a .5 (in case you were wondering)

The most reviewed genre so far is Techno. It has 40 albums reviewed. The lowest is alternative rock - with 38. The rest? 39 of course.

I think that's about all I have come up with. I learned that I need to start keeping track of my ratings, as it's too hard to go and find them all. Time to add that to my spreadsheet! If there are any other crazy things you guys would like to know, just ask!

Thanks as always for reading, commenting and suggesting!

B Side


  1. congrats on the milestone! : )

  2. Well, thank you! 'Bout time you read the blog!

  3. As Bernie Mac could say, "Nawce, real nawce"