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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everett Thomas - Visions Of The Sea

My super sincerest apologies for the late posts today. I had to sign up for our summer sports leagues this morning and the lines were incredibly long. Fortunately, I had some music keeping me company during my wait, most specifically 'Brothers' by the Black Keys. That's neither here nor there. What is here, is Everett Thomas. Now - every so often I get some really small indie artist that comes across my headphones that not many people have heard of. That's no big deal. What is extremely rare, is when I get something that shows up on Amazon but doesn't even have a Wikipedia page! You've stunned my Mr. Thomas! Album not available at Best Buy and no Wiki page. Very strange indeed. Shaqwanda suggested I listen to this today, and mentioned this fella is a friend of one of her friends. She saw him live a while back, and said his show was (and I quote) "utterly fantastic". All of you know by know that I'm a sucker for 'mood' music, so this is sounding pretty good already. Very acoustic-y and then very soft vocals. There are a couple tracks that seem to be duets, and the sounds blend really well. I feel like what he's doing in terms of sheer style isn't really unique or creative, but when you put it on and just sit back, it sounds fantastic. Track 2 has this great snare beat over his vocal and it's simply captivating. I wish I had some sort of ability to make guy more public, but I'm just a guy with a blog. So I'll give this a really good rating today, hoping to promote local music and get this guy some more followers. Check him out this morning!

1. New Orleans
2. Firesong
3. Beggars In A Monarch's Parade
4. Claire
5. Visions of the Sea
6. Nighengales
7. Herald Of Hope
8. Spanish Mission Bell
9. She Will Be Stable There
10. Skies Will Fall

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Nightengales
2. Firesong
3. Herald Of Hope

4.25 out of 5 stars

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