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Monday, March 28, 2011

Wreckers - Stand Still, Look Pretty

Monday is back, and ready to hopefully run by extremely fast. I don't want to be "that guy" who talks about having a case of the Monday's...but jeez. Tuesday can't get here fast enough. Musically, today it's a Country day on the B Side. I knew that JenInTosa dropped a ton of country music suggestions on the box - and that I had a few of them left...I didn't realize that was WAY back in September of last year! Time really does in fact fly. Anyways, there wasn't much left for me to choose in relation to this band, as they only have one studio album out to date. This country female duo started in 2006, and I guess you could say they stared in Arizona. Half of this duo is pretty famous for being a solo artist, maybe you've heard of her - Michelle Branch ring a bell? Yeah, I had no idea she started a country act either. Don't beat yourself up too much. The other woman's name is Jessica Harp - who also has some solo stuff, but I hadn't really heard the name before today. These two had been longtime friends when they decided to go for a little country music duet together. The consensus was this was going to be there one and only record, but Harp seems to think otherwise. She feels this will be a sort of on-going side project for both of them, and that solo work feels right today, but that could change tomorrow. Interesting. In terms of country style, it's actually a pretty solid sound. They still have that solo quality like a normal Branch record, but it's set to more country beats. And that's not a terrible idea. I could see why any country or Branch/pop fan would enjoy this. It goes down easy to even a novice country fan. The album is only certified gold, so don't expect them to go back to this based on sales. So if you like it, let them know! I could see them making a solid sophomore effort.

1. Leave the Pieces
2. Way Back Home
3. Good Kind, The
4. Tennessee
5. My, Oh My
6. Stand Still, Look Pretty
7. Cigarettes
8. Hard to Love You
9. Lay Me Down
10. One More Girl
11. Rain
12. Crazy People

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Stand Still, Look Pretty
2. Leave The Pieces
3. One More Girl

3.25 out of 5 stars


  1. I don't think Branch started out as country. She already had 3 records out before The Wreckers formed (man, get your facts straight :P ). I saw them live at Country Fest and was impressed by how fun and casual their act was but still kept your attention.

  2. Did I say she did? I didn't mean to imply that if it came across in that manner. I recall hearing 'Goodbye To You' while in college probably around 2002 or so.

    I enjoyed this. It had that solo Branch feel like I mentioned, but with the country arrangement. I guess to some that would qualify as lazy, but I much prefer that style versus her typical pop sound.