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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spacehog - Resident Alien

Oh Thursday. Today you have brought nothing on but terrible-ness so far. Fortunately, I'm finally sitting down to get to some much needed tuneage. Unfortunately for me, it's this Spacehog record. Oh, am I giving away too much too soon? Okay, I'll suck you in for the hook at the end. These gents formed in merry old England in 1994. They initially sited their influences as Queen and David Bowie - which initially was semi odd. When 'In The Meantime' dropped as a HUGE single, it didn't really have that sort of feel to it. But if you actually picked up this record and listened to the whole thing and not just track 1, you could see it. Glam rock was present all over the place. So it's kind of a bad connection between fan and band here. While you were expecting one thing, you got another when you spent the money on it, and a lot of people were angry. In fact, if you go to any used cd store today, I bet you see at least one copy of this record. No one wants it. I mean, it's not that bad - but it's not good either. They have three releases to date, this being their first from 1995. It's certified gold, which is semi surprising only because of the huge hit single. I guess if the word spread enough about the style, people may have tuned out right away. I don't know...they're back to making music I guess. They reformed after quite a hiatus. I'll have to pick up other stuff by them some time as this one just doesn't do it for me.

1. In the Meantime
2. Spacehog
3. Starside
4. Candy Man
5. Space Is the Place
6. Never Coming Down (Part I)
7. Cruel to Be Kind
8. Ship Wrecked
9. Only a Few
10. The Last Dictator
11. Never Coming Down (Part II)
12. Zeroes
13. To Be a Millionaire... Was It Likely?

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. In The Meantime
2. Ship Wrecked
3. Cruel To Be Kind

1.75 out of 5 stars

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