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Monday, March 7, 2011

Northern Room - Last Embrace

Oh Monday - you are a cruel mistress. I'm extremely tired this morning, which always puts me in a bit of a 'mood' music mode. Follower Digger dropped this little gem by Northern Room into the Suggestion Box a while back. Now, I don't expect very many of you guys to recognize the band, as they are a local (to me) group. These guys are from good old Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They formed in 2005 and started jamming on this hybrid of mood music and upbeat indie pop type stuff. The lyrics are really good and worth actually listening to - but they don't present it in the sad fashion. It's usually over a more upbeat tempo that makes you really want to sing along. They got their big break when they won a contest in 2006 to open for Bon Jovi at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. Over 100 bands competed in the contest, so I guess it kind of goes to show you how "good" they are. And I guess I should note "are" turned into "were" as they disbanded in 2008. The lead singer decided to leave the band, even though they'd been writing new stuff, and had a second album nearly completed. They were even signed to a record label in Japan, and were about to see a reasonably good paycheck from the new record. Only one single called 'Blacklight' ever made it to airwaves off this second effort, and it got good reviews. Regardless, I enjoy the style. I'm always a sucker for the slow tunes, and it hit me just right this morning. Give this a go today. Even if you're not local to the area like me, I think it's good music for the whole USA.

1. We're On Fire
2. For All These Years
3. Galaxy
4. Dutch Radio
5. Stars of God
6. Last Embrace
7. Waiting
8. Let Me Out
9. Everyday
10. This Wreckage
11. Last Embrace (Live Acoustic)
12. A Witness (Live Acoustic)
13. We're On Fire (Live Acoustic)
14. Home

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Home
2. We're On Fire
3. Stars Of God

3.5 out of 5 stars


  1. OMG! I'm obviously behind in reviews, but I enjoy this band, and saw them A LOT during my unfortunate years living in MKE - they were a highlight. We need to chat offline.