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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Collective Soul - Self Titled

Do you know where Stockbridge, Georgia is? I certainly don't. Being a northern born and raised guy - I know where very few smaller cities are in the south. You know who does know where it is though? All the band members of one Collective Soul. They have been making sweet alternative style rock music since 1992. Another solid album from 1994 was their breakthrough hit, 'Hints, Allegations, And Things Left Unsaid'. That spawned the monster single 'Shine' that started their rise to success. I decided not to start with that album, because if you're new to Collective Soul, this album is probably their best and easiest to digest initially. They saw the big success from the first record, and it was fairly unexpected. The label got them a big invite to Woodstock in 1994 - and although the band didn't feel they were ready to really perform, they went for it. They ended up hitting the touring hard that year, and performing all over the US. When this album dropped in 1995 - it wasn't without it's own share of issues. The band split with their manager, and cancelled all their tour dates to promote this record. They were marred with legal battles all through 1995 and 1996. They decided to seclude themselves in a cabin in the middle of no where - in which they wrote and recorded all their stuff for the follow up album. This is their best selling work to date at 3x platinum, not too shabby. It's really a rock solid record too. Start to finish, a nice listen. If you're into rock music, this is a great one to pick up. Enjoy it. And if you own it already, toss it back on. I think you'll remember how great it is.

1. Simple
2. [Untitled Track]
3. World I Know, The
4. Smashing Young Man
5. December
6. Where the River Flows
7. Gel
8. She Gathers Rain
9. When the Water Falls
10. Collection of Goods
11. Bleed
12. Reunion

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. The World I Know
2. Gel
3. December

3.75 out of 5 stars

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