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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chamillionaire - Sound Of Revenge

Sorry for the long delay in posting B Siders! It's been a crazy day and was glad I at least got one post in for you guys this morning! Finally getting to number two, it was time for another rap review. I'm trying to feature some more artists who I haven't profiled before. So here goes Chamillionaire. What a silly name that is. How did he get that name you ask? Great question. His friends called him the first chameleon/millionaire hybrid. Duh. But they say that's because he's a solid rapper, singer, philanthropist, and CEO of his company. I'm not sure about the other prowesses, but his rapping is pretty far from solid. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today. No - this is for certain. This record made him blow up because of the success of 'Ridin' back in the day. This was also his first record to drop and it was in 2005. It's certified platinum which isn't at all surprising. If you've listened to any of his music, he talks about being from Texas and all that goes along with it - but he was actually born in Washington DC. He doesn't really have any great stories or anything. He had a small "beef" with a rap label, but nothing big. If we're just going to talk about this album, there isn't much to talk about. Other reviewers have given this way better ratings that it's worth. In terms of sheer rap, he isn't talking about much and the beats are pretty average. I mean, it's not terrible - it's just there. A very mediocre album. I haven't listened to his other ones in full - maybe they're better. Someday...someday..

1. Sound of Revenge, The
2. In the Trunk
3. Turn It Up
4. Turn It Up (Remix)
5. Frontin'
6. Bad Guy
7. Fly as the Sky
8. They Think I'm Crazy
9. Void in My Life
10. Rain
11. Picture Perfect
12. Ridin'
13. Rider
14. Peepin' Me
15. Void in My Life
16. Outro

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Turn It Up
2. Ridin'
3. Sound Of Revenge

2.5 out of 5 stars

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