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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ace Hood - Blood, Sweat & Tears

New Music Tuesday was really slow today. Really - really slow. So here we go with another "up and coming" rapper from Deerfield Beach, Florida. Don't know where that is? Well, I do know it's in Broward County - which I believe is the area of Miami. Ace here is signed to We The Best Music - which is part of Def Jam - which is run by DJ Khaled. So you can imagine, this has a DJ Khaled style feel to it. Some of the tracks probably have a more specific artist feel, like track 4, 'Hustle Hard' which has been getting serious radio play over the last few months. And big ups to the song, since it's Milwaukee Brewers lead off man Rickie Weeks at bat song. Khaled and Ace Hood met in 2007 while Khaled was DJing at his radio station. He liked what Ace was spitting, so he asked him to cameo on his track 'I'm So Hood'. He subsequently liked what he hears so much, he offered him a record deal. Ace dropped his first album in 2008 to very little fanfare. They tried again in 2009 - similar result. Late 2010 saw the radio release of the aforementioned track, and the record started generating some buzz. They've tried putting out a couple more singles from the record, but they haven't had the same impact on the radio as 'Hustle'. So much so, they created a remix of the track and added to the end of the album. But typically, anytime you put Lil Wayne on a remix (especially right now) it's going to create some sales, so not a bad move. There's a Chris Brown and T Pain cameo on here - which aren't enough to get my excited about. If you listen to him hit it hard on track 4, you'd think you're in for a real raw, lyrics rap record. But the rest of this album can't match that type of flow. Which is sad. If I could get 10 tracks of 'Hustle Hard' - I'd be all in for this guy. Until then, I have to wait until he figures out if he wants to be a hardcore rapper, or a R&B specialist.

1. King of the Streets
2. Go N' Get It
3. Errythang
4. Hustle Hard
5. Body 2 Body
6. Memory Lane
7. Letter to My Ex's
8. Beautiful
9. Lord Knows
10. Bitter World
11. Spoke to My Momma
12. Hustle Hard (Remix)

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Hustle Hard (Remix)
2. Hustle Hard
3. Go N' Get It

2.5 out of 5 stars

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