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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mat Kearney - Young Love

My surprise of the day came when I realized that I've never introduced you guys to Mat Kearney. Not to say I'm a huge fan or anything, but back in 2006 he released a single called 'Nothing Left To Lose' - and I fell head over heels for the track. I must have played it non stop for a week straight. I honestly thought that I reviewed that record a while back - but clearly I hadn't. So what better to profile his new album that dropped today for New Music Tuesday? Mat was born in Eugene, Oregon in 1978. He listened to music a ton as a kid, but didn't even attempt to pick up a guitar until his junior year as Cal State - Chico. He got too hard into the party scene in college, and found himself struggling to make it though life. He says he found God - and turned it all around. He moved to Nashville to get harder into the music career and is now married and happy there. Now, the Mat Kearney I know is a very laid back, ballady type musician. And while there are those comfort songs on this album - this also has a very different feel to it. For my last album missing the boat on beats - this album actually has that, and yet the feel is still relaxing. I'm only listening to this over a poor quality site - but I imagine if you listened to this at a high rate and over a nice set of speakers, the bassline would hit pretty hard. Unexpected, but cool. No doubting his voice and his talent. The album is only 10 tracks, which is about perfect given what he's doing. It starts to run together a bit toward the end, and you feel the end is a perfect spot for it. There are a couple little mix-ups at the end that keep it interesting, but not enough to make you feel he's reinvented the wheel. But I like it. And it is somehow still feeling 'moody' to me while also having an upbeat feel. A rare feat to my listening ears.

1. Hey Mama
2. Ships In the Night
3. Count On Me
4. Sooner or Later
5. Chasing the Light
6. Learning To Love Again
7. Down
8. She Got the Honey
9. Young Dumb and In Love
10. Rochester

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Down
2. Rochester
3. Sooner Or Later

3 out of 5 stars

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