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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Say Anything - ...Is A Real Boy

Hump Day is here, and hopefully we really do get over that hump today. The rest of this week could fly by and I'd be more than okay with that. We get back to punk rock music today, and Shaqwanda's suggestion of Say Anything. Can't say I'd heard of these fellas before, so this is totally new to me. They've been around since 2000 or so, and are based out of Los Angeles, California. They used to be known as Sayanything but in 2002 added a space and started dropping extended play albums underground. This created a small bidding war in the California area to get these guys signed to a deal. The pressure got to lead man Max Bemis so much while trying to create the first label masterpiece, he nearly lost his mind in the process. Upon losing his mind, he thought he was being filmed all the time and confronted some strangers (thinking they were in on it) while in New York. After he recovered, he relaxed a bit and just made an album. This album was the fruit of all that labor and breakdown, and came out in 2004. The album didn't do particularly well, and was rereleased in 2006 with some additional tracks on a bonus cd. That still to this day hasn't sold over the top either. I guess from this having come from the idea of doing a rock opera type record, to what it is, it came a long way. From top to bottom, it's got quite a bit of that 'emo' type sound, which I don't identify with very well. The album is very highly praised by other critics, so I'll tell you to form your own opinion and check it out - but this simply isn't for me. I've gone through it twice, and I just don't groove on it.

1. Belt
2. Woe
3. The Writhing South
4. Alive with the Glory of Love
5. Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat
6. The Futile
7. Spidersong
8. An Orgy of Critics
9. Every Man Has a Molly
10. Slowly, Through a Vector
11. Chia-Like, I Shall Grow
12. I Want to Know Your Plans
13. Admit It!!!
1. Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too
2. Little Girls
3. Most Beautiful Plague
4. It's a Metaphor, Fool
5. Total Revenge
6. Metal Now
7. I Will Never Write an Obligatory Song About Being on the Road and Missing Someone

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too
2. Alive With The Glory Of Love
3. Metal Now

2 out of 5 stars


  1. i've never been curious enough to listen to this band. i'll probably keep it that way. if it's emo that i wasn't listening to in 2003, then i'm not listening to it now.