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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact

Tuesday is here, and we start with the Techno variety hour. I know absolutely nothing about Gang Gang Dance - other than they were on my related to Nick Jaar from last week. I seem to recall being fairly disappointed in his effort - so hopefully this one gets me a little more jacked up. So turns out the band is from New York - and has been making tunes since 2001. They're fairly well known for their experimental style - which pretty much means you never know what genre you're going to get from them. Album to album - show to show, it's always new and fresh. From what I'm hearing this album - it's pretty heavy into synth and everything feels 'Take On Me'-ish circa 1985. Which when combined with cool beats and heavy percussion, sounds pretty cool. I can't really find any critics that have anything negative to say about this album and the band as a whole. Quite honestly, before I looked into anything else - I was really digging the vibe this puts out. I mean, it's very different - but still super awesome. Pretty spacey feeling, but still has the merits of an electronic record. This is just about the perfect length for what it is. I don't feel as though you could make an experimental rock/dance album that was overly long, because people would tend to lose interest after a while. With being concise and dropping 10 tracks, you get the exact feel of what they want you to, and then that's it. It ends and it makes you want to put it back on and run through it again. No drag-on feeling and no feeling of 'what the H did I just listen to?'. Delightful, check it out.

1. Glass Jar
2. 8
3. Adult Goth
4. Chinese High
5. MindKilla
6. 88
7. Romance Layers
8. Sacer
9. 888
10. Thru and Thru

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Glass Jar
2. Adult Goth
3. Chinese High

4 out of 5 stars

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