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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jake Owen - Easy Does It

Sorry about not getting anything out to you guys yesterday. The United Way volunteering ended up taking a larger portion of my day than I thought it would. Regardless, we're back today and we're back with some country music. Apparently this Jake Owen fella is blowing up the country charts right now with a single that will be released on his next record. Looks like that's slated to come out next Tuesday - so instead we'll revisit an older work in his discography. This one dropped in February of 2009, and has seen a Gold status in terms of sales. Turns out Jake here was born with an identical twin - and both were into sports and whatnot growing up in Florida. Jake was on a path to become a professional golfer while attending Florida State - but that dream was cut short due to a wakeboarding accident that left him unable to play. It was that very accident that left him recovering and when Jake decided to pick up a guitar and start learning. He picked up a gig at a local bar, and he ended up getting bit by the bug. Of course he moved to Nashville - and the rest is history. There isn't much about his musical style that sticks out from this record. It's country in the sense you couldn't distinguish that it's a signature Owen track by lyrics, a vocal or any style. It's pretty contemporary - and pretty ambiguous. By no means is it bad or hard to listen to - it's merely plain. There were a couple nice singles that helped it sell - but it doesn't surprise me this isn't hugely popular.

1. Tell Me
2. Eight Second Ride
3. Easy Does It
4. Don't Think I Can't Love You
5. Cherry On Top
6. Who Said Whiskey (Was Meant To Drink A Woman Away)
7. Green Bananas
8. Anything For You
9. Every Reason I Go Back
10. Nothin' Grows In Shadows

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Top 3 Tracks:
1. Don't Think I Can't Love You
2. Eight Second Ride
3. Tell Me

2.75 out of 5 stars

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