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Friday, August 5, 2011

Eels Day - And Please, Give Me Some Suggestions!

As you all know - today is Eels day. I'm incredibly excited for the show tonight. If you live in the Milwaukee area, the show is at Turner Hall (near the Bradley Center) tonight at 7pm. My co-writer Heidi will be joining me, and I'm sure we'll both post our thoughts about the show next week. If it's anywhere near as awesome as their show was at the Pabst last year, everyone will walk home beyond pleased.

I wanted to add a little sidenote too - the Suggestion Box is getting pretty close to empty! Big shoutout to my biggest helpers - janis!, JenInTosa, Ashley, peterman and Shaqwanda. Please keep the suggestions coming! And if you're new to the blog or haven't ever dropped a Suggestion in before - just click the link in the upper right hand corner and there is a quick form to fill out. Suggestions make blogging a TON easier when I don't have to run through music to select on my own everyday. So thank you all in advance for dropping some artists in the box for me.

Everyone have a great, safe weekend otherwise. And do your best to jam out to your favorite tunes!

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  1. Been accumulating some artists and other singles and whatnot I'd like you to check out. I'll be dropping them in very soon. We can't have you on E :)

  2. Awesome! I'll be watching for 'em!

  3. sorry i missed the show and failed to respond to your query. glad you enjoyed the show. i love turner hall.

  4. Bummer, you'd have had a blast! I'll get you to tag along and start listening to the eels one of these days!

    Thanks for the suggestions!